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Nunes Warns Chinese Control Of Supply Chains Is A National Security Issue


Rep. Devin Nunes warns about risks of U.S. corporations working with Communist China during an interview with FNC's Maria Bartiromo.

BARTIROMO: Can you tell us about your investigation?

REP. DEVIN NUNES: Well, this is just the next stage of our ongoing investigation that's been going -- ongoing for 10 years.

You know that we spent the last year looking at the origins of COVID and whether or not China could be responsible. We released that a month ago. We have been actually building this investigation for a while. And the sectors we're going to look at are fairly broad and very concerning, and the American people should be concerned.

But it's not just the things you have heard about, like sports and entertainment. There's also sectors of the economy like technology, agriculture, pharmaceuticals. So we're going to be looking. We're going to start with about a dozen U.S. entities that we're going to investigate.

Probably, we will reach about four dozen by the time it's all over with. We will be notifying those companies this week. Hopefully, they will participate in this investigation, because the Republicans here in Congress, in order to do real oversight, we need to be able to get into the weeds to truly understand, what are those supply chain concerns?

I think that's what former Attorney General Bill Barr in that clip that you played was referring to. Should these corporations really be relying on supply chains and Chinese influence? And what does that do for the United States of America?

It could, I think, really put us in a national security danger. In fact -- in fact, I know that's the case.

BARTIROMO: You have some interim findings that we have spoken about.

And you say that China is manipulating and coercing U.S. businesses, and that it is exploiting U.S. financial services companies. I want to show this graphic of the CEO of Nike, who made a comment about doing business in China to his Wall Street analysts. He said Nike is of China and for China. Look, Nike is obviously selling in China, and it's a big portion of its business.

How are you going to convince these global companies that doing business and rolling over for the Chinese Communist Party, sharing information that is proprietary, is against U.S. national security interests, while they're making so much money there? They want to sell all their wares to 1.4 billion people. They see this as an enormous growth story, Devin.

NUNES: Well, look, the way I view the Nike CEO, quite frankly, Maria, is that at least he's being honest, right?

At least he's being honest. And I say that only somewhat sarcastically. How about all these other companies that are sneaking around? Like you mentioned, these financial companies that are making investments, how much money is going from -- on pension, U.S. pension funds, teachers' pension funds that are being invested into Chinese companies that are using that access to gain and get ahold of the United States' technology, for example?

So the Congress has never looked down at the U.S. entity level. I think this is a really important investigation. It's something we have been building to for a long time. And I think it's going to be fairly illuminating for the American people.

And, look, the challenge here is, is, we have to ask ourselves, why are the Democrats not participating in this? We have been running this China investigation essentially by ourself for a decade, and they continue to ignore it.
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