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Greenwald: Big Tech Is Training An Entire Population To Accept Authoritarianism


On FOX News, Glenn Greenwald discussed the lose of trust in the media and social media's censorship of information:

GLENN GREENWALD: I don't know if you saw there was a poll of 46 countries released this morning that demonstrated that the country in which the American media has held in the lowest esteem in which they're most distrusted is the United States out of 46 countries. And when someone hears Katie Couric or people like her who live in 25 million dollar co-ops on the upper east side of Manhattan announce that anyone who disagrees with her has to be deprogrammed, it's really not difficult to understand why that mentality is so off-putting and I think it's a major reach why people have lost faith and trust in these institutions.


I think that so much more than trying to ban a particular view because it's dangerous, which is their excuse, what they are really doing is training an entire population to accept authoritarianism that our political debates from now on are going to be constricted and limited so that any questioning of or disagreement with anointed authorities will become simply banned from the internet. We have been trained for years now to accept that. The coronavirus pandemic intensified that greatly. And I think that's really what the playbook is going forward is to ensure that official pronouncements are insulated from any kind of dissent which is what makes it so dangerous.

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