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Rep. McCarthy: Rep. Omar Is "Anti-Semitic" And "Anti-American" And The Speaker Will Not Rebuke That


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) on Tuesday in an interview with 'FOX & Friends' called for Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to be removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee for her "anti-Semitic" and "anti-American" beliefs.

KILMEADE: To Switzerland to meet, of course, with Vladimir Putin.  
How do you think it's going?  
REP. KEVIN MCCARTHY (R-CA): Well, I remember past presidents who believe politics end at the water's edge.  
DOOCY: Right. Exactly.  
MCCARTHY: But, apparently, President Biden doesn't believe that. He complained about Republicans but he complimented Putin. I think he kind of has this backwards. But it -- 
KILMEADE: He says you're a dying party.  
MCCARTHY: We're a dying party that has the closest majority in more than 100 years. It's a 50/50 Senate. I'm not quite sure what Mr. Biden is expecting. He's got a party back here in the Democrats fighting among themselves, where Omar is anti-Semitic and anti-American and his own speaker of the House will not rebuke that.  
So I believe what he's saying is backwards. The Republicans have never been more united. And remember what he said at the inaugural. He was going to be the president for everyone. That meant Republicans, too. So I'm -- I'm rather shocked by his comments.  
MCCARTHY: And to have it on foreign soil. 
EARHARDT: What do you make of -- we just heard Benjamin reporting on this -- we were talking about it earlier -- that he is being prepped for that interview, for this meeting with Putin, by Republicans and people that were involved with Trump.  
MCCARTHY: Well, I'm concerned about what he's going to do here with Putin because, think about this, America's worse off because of Biden's weakness. We're actually a country in crisis. Families are concerned about crime, about cost, about competitiveness. If you're sitting here drinking coffee today, you're paying more. If you're eating the cereal, the milk costs more. If you're going to get in your car and drive to work, your gas costs more.  
Inflation we haven't seen in any time before. Crime is rising in every step of the way. A border that's not controlled with a vice president who will not go down there. Fentanyl has increased by 300 percent. And now we have a president that stopped America from being energy independent in the XL Pipeline but rewarded Putin with Nord Stream II to give him greater control over Europe? 
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