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Chris Hayes: Breaking The Legitimacy Of Our Elections Breaks Everything Else


MSNBC's host Chris Hayes talks about the ongoing election audit in Arizona:

"What is going on in Arizona, with the ballot recount, almost seems like cosplay. It seems like a children's summer camp where they are pretending to be witches and wizards at Hogwarts. A bunch of MAGA volunteers pretending to count ballots. Here is the thing. They are doing it with actual ballots. They are the ballots. The Arizona Republicans used the power they have over the machinery of the state to turn them over to a private company and volunteers. This audit is attacking the most fundamental crucial cornerstone of a functioning democracy.

We have seen the Republican Party wage an assault on democracy. Before the election, the aftermath of the election, continuing day by day. New restrictive voting laws introduced in almost every state they control. The aggressive use of partisan gerrymandering to create situations where they can lose state wide and maintain a majority, like Wisconsin. Already anti-democratic structures that Republicans are leveraging to the fullest, like the filibuster in the senate. And then there was the actual physical violence on the capitol to over turn a free and a fair election. Ultimately what democracy rest on is legitimately and the perception thereof. That is what the Arizona audit is about, they are trying to destroy the legitimacy."
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