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Sen. Kennedy on COVID Origins: Nobody Has Found Anything Close To A "Smoking Bat"


Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) said on "Hannity" on Tuesday that Americans need to know coronavirus origins to keep it from happening again.

"The evidence has finally caught up with the Chinese Communist Party, with Dr. Fauci and with the other permanent Washington types, who for over a year have said the idea that the coronavirus came from a China lab leak was a conspiracy theory and that anybody who believed that was crazed," Kennedy told host Sean Hannity. "It wasn't a conspiracy theory. It was a reasonable question to ask from day one, suspicious facts have existed from day one, if people cared to look, pointing to that possibility."

"The Chinese Communist Party and Dr. Fauci, and I'm going to be blunt here, have said for over a year, look, nothing to see here, coronavirus came from an animal. Except after a year, no one has been able to you prove that, and as the Economist magazine put it this week, no one has found anything close to a smoking bat," Kennedy quipped.

"Not to put too fine a point on it, but a year ago this month, in May 2020, my friend Dr. Fauci gave a number of interviews and in them he dismissed the lab leaked theory," the Senator said. "Now, I want to be fair to him. I know the press is all over him and he did it under pressure from the press, but Dr. Fauci should have told the press to stick it up their fact-checker that I'm going to follow the science, and he didn't."

"We've lost a year here," Kennedy concluded. "And I don't know if we'll ever find the origins of the virus now. It's not a question of keeping score or who was right or you were wrong. We need to know this so that we can keep it from happening again. And I don't know now if we'll ever find out. And that's a bloody shame."
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