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Donald Trump Hasn't Faded From Television News


As he reaches four months out of office, Donald Trump may be "sliding toward online irrelevance," but on television news he is still a commanding presence. The timeline below shows total monthly mentions of him across CNN, MSNBC and Fox News since January 2015, showing that while he is receiving less coverage than he did during most of his presidency, he is actually still being mentioned more than he did at the start of the pandemic.

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Zooming into just the past year and a half, the daily timeline below shows that Fox News has actually pivoted away from Trump, but it is still mentioning him an average of 120-150 times a day, while CNN and MSNBC have continued mentioning him at roughly the levels they did at the start of the pandemic and have actually increased their coverage of him since late April.

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The timeline below tracks how many seconds each day Trump's name has been displayed somewhere in the onscreen text of the three channels since the start of last year. As president, his name was typically onscreen for 5-15 hours a day. It has faded noticably since early March 2021, but is still displayed onscreen for several hours a day, every single day through present. Far from fading away, Trump still looms large over television news.

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