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Sheriffs Sound Alarm On Border Crisis: "Expected To Hear More" From Biden


Four Sheriffs from around the country told FOX News host Harris Faulkner on Thursday that they "expected to hear more" from President Biden about border security and illegal immigration during his address to Congress last week, warning that "if we fail to secure our borders, every sheriff in America will become a border sheriff."

Sheriffs Mark Lamb and Mark Dannels of Arizona, Illinois Sheriff Tony Childress, and North Carolina Sheriff Sam Page are working to raise awareness about the crisis on the border.

"I think the biggest thing that we've learned, which is why we have sheriffs here from North Carolina and Illinois, is this is not a border problem just for Arizona or Texas or New Mexico or California. This is an America problem," Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb warned. "The fact these sheriffs came all the way here to Arizona to help us address this issue shows you the impact it has on their communities."

"I’m 70 miles out from the border. They can’t even leave their kids to watch the younger kids because people coming into their carport, trying to open their doors. This is a dangerous situation...We hear the people’s voices and we’ll do our job. They didn’t hear what they needed to hear last night from the President. We expected to hear more. We didn’t get that from him and that shows you this president doesn’t care about what is happening here. But the sheriffs do and we’re going continue to stand up for the people and for America," Lamb told Faulkner.

"This is the largest humanitarian issue on the southwest border going on right now. The cartels are exploiting these people, these children and then you look at the public safety aspect of this — it’s affecting all communities in America. And I’ll just say this, Harris to you, in this region — the Tucson sector of Border Patrol — in this fiscal year, we’ve had 60,000 getaways just in this sector of the border. That’s the largest in our country, and these are people we’ve seen on cameras that have gotten away and are now in communities. That should be alarming to every American out there," Chochise County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Dannels said.

"It is absolutely ludicrous that we have an administration that refuses to do anything," said Illinois Sheriff Tony Childress. "And in the State of the Union speech, he put it on the Congress. Saying on his first day, he asked them to send him a bill."

"I'll tell you, after last night’s speech by the president, it was an insult for everybody wearing a badge that’s trying to protect this border," Dannels added.

"If we fail to secure our borders, every sheriff in America will become a border sheriff," added North Carolina Sheriff Sam Page.
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