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Rahm Emanuel: Democrats Own Policy And Jobs While "Republicans Are Left With The Culture War"


Former Obama adviser Rahm Emanuel grades President Biden's address to Congress last week an "A," saying it was "authentic to his person."

RAHM EMANUEL, FORMER CHICAGO MAYOR: Well, I -- Martha, I gave an A because I think it was authentic to his person, and he -- which is very important at this time, his decency, his common sense and his approach, and being approachable.

And I do also believe, because the agenda is right for America at this moment, investing in its people and investing in this country, both in research and development, infrastructure, educational opportunities. And it's broadly popular, as you've seen.

I also think the reason it worked is because it basically has up-ended and flipped the switch on how Republicans attack.

Republicans historically go after Democratic presidents by either attacking their character or the caricature of them as Democrats. And Joe Biden's decency comes through and makes that -- takes that off the table. And in addition, the caricature is tax-and-spenders.

As you notice, not a lot of the Republican criticism is about -- they're talking about the spending, but they've left taxes, which is a third rail, off to the side. And President Biden is goading them to come forward and try to have a debate about higher corporate -- corporations paying their fair share, wealthy people paying their fair share. And that, to me, has worked extremely well.

Now, the other thing that's left is he's focused on jobs and investing in America. Republicans are left with a culture war. And in the 2018 election midterm, Joe -- Donald Trump was totally focused on the culture war, the border, left the economy off the table. Democrats focused on health care. We've run this issue before.

So, if we focus on where the American people live their lives, what their agenda is, which is what Joe Biden is doing, and the Republicans try to -- try to sidetrack on either sexual orientation, gender or race, I think that's a good terrain for the Democrats going into the midterm election.
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