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Sen. Rand Paul: "Still Waiting" On Biden's Unity Promise: His Way Or The Highway


Sen. Rand Paul argued that President Biden has not lived up to his word to unify the country in his first 100 days during an interview Sunday with FNC's "Sunday Morning Futures" host Maria Bartiromo, calling the president out for refusing to work in a bipartisan manner.

SEN. RAND PAUL: Well, you know, just a couple months ago, we were hearing from president Biden, the newly inaugurated President Biden, that he was going to unify the country, and then we were going to work together and have bipartisanship.

I'm still waiting, Mr. President. I haven't seen any of that. I think what I have seen so far is, it's Biden's way or the highway. So, right off the bat, instead of working together on anything to do with COVID or vaccines, they put together a massive $2 trillion bill where less than 10 percent of it had anything to do with vaccines.

Now they're doing the same thing on infrastructure. Apparently, reparations are infrastructure. Apparently, childcare is infrastructure, health care. They have got a climate police force they're going to put out, youth force.

But I don't see anything that looks like they want to work together. Now, there are those of us who are saying we could be for some bipartisan infrastructure bill, if it had to do with real infrastructure, like roads and bridges and if it was paid for.

But so far, I don't see any of that coming from Biden. And I predict they're going to ram through something with only Democrat votes and no Republican participation again, to the tune of a couple trillion dollars.

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