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Stelter: Tucker Carlson's Show Is The "Broadcast Version Of Whitelash," He Is "Radicalizing" Republicans


CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter said FOX News host Tucker Carlson of filling the void of former President Donald Trump. In an appearance on Don Lemon's CNN show on Wednesday, the "Reliable Sources" host said Carlson gives air to "radical" and "fringe" ideas that were not talked up until now.

Stelter said the FNC host is "leading the way" in radicalizing the Republican party on race, calling his program the "broadcast version of the whitelash."

"Whether it's GOP lawmakers or FOX stars, fear is the common theme. Fear is the common thread. Fear of a changing, diversifying America," Stelter said of the rival network.

"Carlson has become the number one show on FOX," Stelter said. "Carlson is building an audience with these white-replacement theory-type ideas. It is like a magnet. It is bringing in an audience."

"We've been following a guy called Tucker Carlson for a while, watching him stoke division and spread white supremacy ideas to millions for some time now. Do you think he is filling a void now that Trump is out of office?" host Don Lemon asked.

"I think that's exactly the right way to view this," Stelter said. "Donald Trump is mostly off-stage, only appearing occasionally on right-wing media. Tucker Carlson is on every single night, speaking to an audience of millions, and sharing the kind of radical ideas, fringe ideas that were not heard on television up until now. We are seeing a form of radicalization in the GOP, and he's leading the way."

"Democratic strategist and CNN regular Paul Begala said something provocative to "The New York Times" today," he continued. "I thought it was very interesting. He said as white power diminishes, white supremacy intensifies. Meaning the attempt of certain types of white Americans to hold on to power is getting more and more intense in this multicultural, diversifying country. I know Carlson denies any interest in white supremacy, he rejects all those claims against him. But it's interesting to think about his show as a broadcast version of the whitelash."
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