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Nunes: "The Chinese Do Not Take Biden Seriously, Because The Chinese Understand Propaganda"


Rep. Devin Nunes told Maria Bartiromo on FNC's "Sunday Morning Futures" the Chinese view the U.S. under the Biden administration as a joke.

REP. DEVIN NUNES: Well, the Biden administration seems to be going into the policy, instead of, like Ronald Reagan used to say, peace through strength, I think their policy is speak loudly and carry a twig.

So, you ask, what do the Chinese really want? What the Chinese are most interested in is, right now, the United States is the world's reserve currency. The Chinese would like to have that, although they're manipulators too.

But what they want to do, if they can just get it so that people do not trust the U.S. currency, they will benefit tremendously. And so what the Biden administration is doing, it's not really -- it's not just globally. It's also how much money they're borrowing here in Washington, where we're printing money.

So the Chinese do not take Biden seriously, because the Chinese understand propaganda. They understand that the White House and the Democrat -- the socialist Democrats get up every day and they plant stories. Ninety-five percent of the content in this country is left-wing.

And they build these narratives. And then, of course, it's filtered through social media. So the Chinese really do understand how this -- how this process works. So what are they doing at the Biden administration? They're laughing, because they don't care what the narratives are here in the United States of America.

What they're looking at is, how do you devalue the American dollar? And they're working on it every day. And the socialist Democrats in this town are helping them every day.

BARTIROMO: And I haven't seen any movement here in terms of a digital dollar.

You mentioned their efforts to create the digital yuan. This is something Peter Navarro said on "Mornings With Maria" last week. Basically, this is going to enable China to control the blockchain, control so much in the world.

NUNES: Well, it's why you're seeing -- you will start to see a lot of movement into the so-called cryptocurrencies.

I really do doubt that China will be able to ever be the world's reserve currency, because they are so corrupt. But I also think the conventional wisdom here, when you look at China, Russia, Iran, what's happening in Afghanistan, is that the conventional wisdom in this town is that, well, the Russians are just bluffing, oh, the Chinese will really never take over Taiwan.

Look, when our adversaries say things, like Xi Jinping has said on multiple occasions, that Taiwan is part of China, we ought to believe them.

And what happened in Alaska, them being -- our people being dressed down, is quite simply unbelievable. And it gets back to what I said there. Their policy seems to be, their strategy is, is speak loudly and carry a twig.
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