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Reporter Presses WH's Jen Psaki On UN Ambassador "Parroting Chinese Communist Party Talking Points" About White Supremacy In USA


Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson pressed White House press secretary Jen Psaki about UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield's recent comment that White supremacy is "woven" into the founding documents of the United States during Friday's press briefing

"I've seen for myself how the original sin of slavery [is] weaved white supremacy into our founding documents and principles," Thomas-Greenfield told Al Sharpton's National Action Network conference on Wednesday.

Robinson said that Thomas-Greenfield was essentially "parroting Chinese Communist Party talking points" and compared the statement to the lecture given to Secretary of State Tony Blinken by CCP foreign affairs chief Yang Jiechi last month, where he denounced the "international community" and "so-called rules-based international order" as the "United Nations-centered international system" and a tool of the U.S.

Robinson appeared on Newsmax later that day to discuss the exchange:

Full transcript:

QUESTION, NEWSMAX: Thanks, Jen. U.S. Ambassador to the UN Linda Thomas-Greenfield, talking to a group on Wednesday said that white--essentially said that white supremacy is woven into our founding documents and principals. This statement is getting widely criticized as essentially parroting Chinese Communist Party talking points. So is the president going to remove her from her position as the representative before that body to promote United States values?

JEN PSAKI, WHITE HOUSE: Is the president going to remove an African American woman with decades of experience in the foreign service who is widely respected from her position as ambassador from the UN? He is not. He will--he is proud to have her in that position. She is not only qualified. He believes she is exactly the right person in that role at this moment in time.

I have not seen her comments. I will say that there's no question that there has been a history of institutional racism in this country. And that doesn't require the UN ambassador to confirm that.

QUESTION: So that's essentially the same lecture, though, that the Chinese delegation gave Secretary Blinken in Alaska last month. So does the President think our founding documents are racist?

PSAKI: I would say that I will--I will leave my comments to speak for themselves. And certainly, I think most people recognize the history of systemic racism in our country. And she was speaking to that. Go ahead. And I promised Kristen I'd get back to her too. Go ahead.

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