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HBO's Bill Maher Blasts "Depressing" Hollywood: Movies All About "What Good People they Are"


HBO’s Bill Maher on Friday mocked this year's Oscar Best Picture nominees as "depressing" and wondered why people still watch movies.

The Oscars should "change their name to the Debbies — as in Debbie Downer," he joked.

"You couldn’t have a worse time at the movies if there was an active shooter in the theater," Maher said. "The 2021 Oscars, brought to you by razor blades, Kleenex, and rope. Please welcome our host, the sad emoji."

Americans "don't have to go to church" anymore, Maher said. "If they want to feel guilty, dirty and bad they can watch ‘Nomadland.’ -- That’s the one where the woman winds up living in her van after her husband dies of cancer."

"Academy nominations used to say, ‘What great movies we make. Now they say, ‘Look what good people we are."

“Not that I want to see Godzilla Vs. Kong either. Hollywood used to know how to make a movie that was about something, a movie for adults that was also entertaining and not just depressing. There was already a category for that, Best Documentary, important films about the war in Syria or the plight of the hot dog stand owners.”

"We all had a rough year, a little escapism would have been appreciated," he said. "What happened to show business? Did they all decide to quit cocaine at the same time? Did they forget that Hollywood is still the number one place to go if you’re an egomaniac looking to fill that hole from your childhood with applause?"
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