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David Perdue: Democrat Rhetoric On Georgia Voting Law Is "All About Power"


Former Georgia senator says Democrats are using a 'false narrative' to pander to minority voters on 'Special Report.'

"As someone who has fought for equality in the state last 60 years personally and someone who fought for criminal justice reform, opportunity zones, and HVCU funding I'm insulted by the false narrative that the Democrats are trying to perpetrate here," Perdue said. "This bill, I'm not in office and running for office, so I can be very objective with yours viewers. That is this, this bill makes it easier to vote and harder to cheat. It builds integrity in the system who were concerned about that in November of last year. It makes it easier for people to vote in every one of our 159 counties. This rhetoric that you are hear democrats is all about power and all about raising money for political operations."

David Perdue continued saying "It's a false narrative. It has been since Stacey Abrams perpetrated the lie about voter suppression in Georgia two years ago. This is nothing but a continuation of that false narrative, this bill adds numbers of days and actually it increases the ability of people to use drop boxes and 20% of our counties, Bret, in 2020 those counties, 38 of them did not have drop boxes. So this law actually forces those counties to do that. It increases the number of days."

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