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Scott Adams on Naomi Wolf's Slippery Slope Warning About Vaccine Passports: "They Could Misuse Any System"


Author, podcaster, and 'Dilbert' creator Scott Adams responded to Naomi Wolf's warning about mandatory vaccine passports reportedly being rolled out in New York state next month.

"I can not say this forcefully enough: This is literally the end of human liberty in the West if this plan unfolds as planned," Wolf told FOX News on Sunday evening.

Adams explained why he is not afraid of a vaccine passport on his Monday "Coffee With Scott Adams" podcast.

"It definitely discriminates against the freedom of those don't want to get vaccinated, but isn't that true of a driving license? Isn't that true of getting a loan? People who don't have tax returns don't get one. Isn't that true of travel? Can't travel without a passport," Adams said. "It discriminates against your freedom, but that's not a reason [not to have it]. We do that all the time. All of civilization is built on restricting your freedom, that's what it is. You don't build a civilization to give people freedom... but it is designed to be a wise restriction. This is just another one of them."

"I don't think it is reasonable to disagree with it in concept as a reduction in freedom. You can't drive your car on the sidewalk. They built a road to restrict where you can drive the car. It is all restrictions," he quipped.

He considers the warning from Wolf: "Once you have a platform, where there is something about you, the vaccination or not, in this case, is in the database, and that will restrict you from business, travel, or government system, once you're in the system they can add anything to that system, can't they? Maybe the next thing they add to it, you won't like so much. Slippery slope, isn't it?"

"Do you know what else is a slippery slope? Computers? If we have computers, someone is going to put information in those databases and we're not going to like it. Or how about driving licenses? There's a database of driving licenses of someone who has your weight, your height, your eye color, your hair color, couldn't they use that to restrict what you can and can not do? If you don't have ID you can't do a lot of stuff. So couldn't they take the driving license database and add stuff to it? See where I'm going? I don't think we should have driving licenses because that database could be expanded into a social credit system?"

"Do you know what else could be expanded into a social credit system? Any database,
he laughed.

"Did you know you're already in a social credit system in the United States? One of them is your credit score. We have that, it already exists. We also have this thing called the internet. You could go on social media and find out quite a bit about people. You can find out good or bad things about them fairly reliably by looking at their social media background," he said. "I would argue that woke-ism is a social credit system. I don't even know if it would be worse if we turned it into a database... So you're worried about a thing that is already here... I suppose it could get worse."

Adams also picked apart Wolf's reference to IBM working with the Nazis during the Second World War, saying that any time you find yourself referring to the Third Reich in a political argument, you are probably operating from a place of fear.

"Hitler is not under the bed," he said.
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