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Joe Concha: First Biden Press Conference "A Disgrace For The Press Corps... And For The President"


FNC contributor Joe Concha commented on President Biden's first official press conference Thursday, saying it was "a disgrace" for all involved.

JOE CONCHA: I hate to differ from some folks that have spoken already, but this was a disgrace for most of the press corps and for the president. He said some outrageous things that demanded to be pressed on, and of course, no one in the room can decide to do it.

When the president of the United States says, for instance, that he has the support of a majority of Republican voters. I just checked Gallup, he is at 10% support among Republican voters, so what is he talking about?

Obviously, the reporters were chosen for him in terms of optics, he is reading off a predetermined list, one that didn't include Peter Doocy, so that is a question for the White House handlers of Mr. Biden: Why are you so afraid of a rookie White House press correspondent?

But also, again, about the document in front of him that he continually had to refer to. Ari Fleischer wrote, "I wish someone would have asked him about that." Sir, what is that notebook that you appear to be flipping through, and why are you referencing and reading from it and aren't you confident enough in your own answers to provide an argument?

But Yamiche Alcindor, who got the second question, she is from PBS, your tax dollars at work. This was patently embarrassing to the profession. She made the argument that the surge of the border was only happening because Mr. Biden is, quote, "a moral and decent man." She didn't bother to even quote back Biden in terms of what he said, when he literally said to migrants to surge the border.

Mexico's president agrees with that, that the rhetoric of Mr. Biden led to the surge, as to migrants themselves when you interview them. She then pressed Biden to back the filibuster in the name of civil rights. It wasn't even a question, she was advocating for it while accusing Republicans of suppressing voting rights.

This wasn't only biased in broad daylight, it was activism, but kudos to Kristin Welker, the only reporter there to actually press Mr. Biden on media access to migrant facilities. He said he will only allow access when his plan is implemented, so then she followed correctly by saying, when is that going to happen, by the way? He said he didn't know. Look, Peter Doocy, I'm sure he would've asked some good questions but otherwise, this was an embarrassment to the press organizers.

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