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Hemingway: Media "Utterly Deranged" With Trump, Gave Biden "The Most Gentle Questions"


The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway called 'President Biden's planned press conference on Thursday an example of how "we are so close to one-party control of the media and tech." Hemingway lamented the media that set the standard with "utterly deranged" questions for former President Donald Trump have shown the opposite standard for Biden with reporters like Yamish Aalcindor calling Biden a "moral" and "decent" man at the press conference.

"Let's take a step back and think about what we just experienced the last four years," Hemingway said on FOX News. "We had a press corps that was utterly deranged in their hatred and rabid intensity of fighting literally every single thing that Trump said or anyone in his administration said. So that is the standard that they set, that they will interrupt every few seconds, that they will be prepared for really vicious followups. And that wasn't what we got. We got the most gentle questions."

"It's not humanitarian to incentivize the trafficking of humans," Hemingway said Thursday. "There are so many problems that are associated with that, including rape and abuse of children and women. So this whole assumption built into the question is false. And it's inappropriate for a reporter to have that kind of assumption in the first place."

"We actually have a huge crisis brewing in this country," Hemingway said. "A federal judge last week said that when you have one-party control of the media, at least in totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, that's what they do. We are dangerously close to one-party control of the media and tech. I can't think of a better example than this press conference. Where everyone was so compliant, so meek. Openly advocating for far-left policies. They weren't asking about the filibuster, they were demanding that he support ending the filibuster. That is not their role. Yet that's what everybody or almost everybody at that press conference seemed to think their role was."
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