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FNC's Doocy Snubbed At Biden Presser: No Questions About Origins Of Covid, Cost Of Green New Deal


FOX News White House correspondent Peter Doocy appeared on the network shortly after President Joe Biden's press conference on Thursday and reacted to not being called on for a question. Doocy said he had a "binder full of questions" and lamented that no one asked the president about the origins of Covid nor the cost of his idea to "completely transform the economy to make it all green."

"I mentioned last night on 'Special Report' that I had a binder full of questions," Doocy said. "I think some people [thought I was] kidding, I was not kidding. We had a lot and most of the stuff we did not get to. For example, nobody ever asked him about his big plan that he has got, this big idea to completely transform the economy to make it all green. That is something we were hoping to get on the board with."

"There were not a lot of questions about Covid, particularly the investigation into the origins of it," the correspondent said. "That is obviously something he spends a lot of time focusing on ways to move away from but there is very little looking back at the origins of Covid, so we did not get on the board with that, nobody else asked about that."

"To Chris [Wallace]'s observation, I can add to it that in the room, there were some aides including Kate Bedingfield, the communications director, and Jen Psaki, the press secretary, they were monitoring what he was saying, it looked like they were checking their phones to get the instant reaction but while he was up there he was pretty much on his own," Doocy reported.

"Usually, at the last few of these, the last one I can think of like this would have been in Wilmington, they had an aide off to the side with the list of reporters to call on," Doocy said. "Today it was Biden with the list and once they got through about an hour and 20 minutes, he was done. I'm not sure if that was the end of the list. If we were on it he did not make it down that far."
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