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Trump: Our Supreme Court Didn't Have The Courage To Overturn Elections That Should Have Been Overturned


Former President Donald Trump criticized the Supreme Court for ruling on standing and not facts and for not taking on any of his campaign's cases following the presidential election in November 2020. In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday, the former president said, "The Supreme Court should be ashamed of itself."

MARIA BARTIROMO:  Now Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want this H.R.1 to stand. They want it to pass the Senate, so that mail-in ballots could be the standard. What are your thoughts on H.R.1, Mr. President? 
But, first, will you run again?  
FORMER PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Well, let me ask you -- let me answer the first question, the other question. 
I think it would be a disaster for our country. And it would be very unfair. The Democrats used COVID in order to do things that they can't believe they got away with. What they did -- and they didn't get their legislatures to approve -- and, by the way, in the Constitution, you have to do that.  
And our Supreme Court and our courts didn't have the courage to overturn elections that should have been overturned... 
BARTIROMO:  Right.  
TRUMP:  ... because you're talking about decisive amounts, hundreds of thousands and even millions of votes.  
They didn't have -- in the Constitution, it says the state legislatures have to approve changes. They made massive changes early, just -- just before the election in some cases. And they made massive changes that -- that -- not even mentioning... 
TRUMP:  ... all of the other things and all of the dishonesty... 
TRUMP:  ... in the election, the state legislatures did not approve these changes. 
BARTIROMO:  Well, that's... 
TRUMP:  Therefore, they're not allowed. 
And the Supreme Court, they didn't rule on the facts. They ruled on standing. 
TRUMP:  Well, you don't have standing to bring it. 
The Supreme Court should be ashamed of itself.  
BARTIROMO:  Well, I mean, this H.R.1, that would federalize these elections. 
TRUMP:  Yes.  
BARTIROMO:  So, going forward, can a Republican win again if H.R.1 becomes law? 
TRUMP:  If they allow that to happen, if it's allowed to happen, I think your -- Republicans will have a very hard time getting elected. 
What will happen is, the Democrats will be able to do what they did in the last -- in the 2020 election, and even worse, potentially even worse. 
It is set up -- it is a setup that they can't believe. And it's because of the fact that the Republicans lost two seats that they never should have lost in Georgia. And they never should have -- if they were watching and doing their job, they should have never lost the presidential election in Georgia or five other swing states. Should have never happened.  
BARTIROMO:  So, what... 
TRUMP:  When you look at what they did... 
BARTIROMO:  What about -- yes. 
TRUMP:  ... and when you look at the dishonesty and all of the things that took place in that election, this should have never happened.  
And they have to stop that bill. 
BARTIROMO:  Mr. President, so what about it? What about it? Will you run again, Mr. President? Are you considering 2024?  
TRUMP:  Well, based on every poll, they want me to run again.  
But we're going to take a look. And we will see. We have first steps first. We have to see what we can do with the House. I think we have a very, very good chance of taking back the House.  
We did a great job. You're going to lose from 15 to 25 seats the last time. I got involved. I worked very hard. I made tremendous amounts of meetings, speeches, and teleconferences, and everything else, for 56 of them. I had 56 basic teleconferences with thousands of people on the line on each one.  
And what happened is, we ended up winning 15 seats, instead of losing potentially 25 seats. That's a big switch. And it almost cost Nancy Pelosi her job. I think we have a chance of taking back the House. I think we have a chance to do better in the Senate. We need leadership in the Senate, which, frankly, we don't have. 
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