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Nunes: Capitol Perimeter Fence Is All Narrative Building; "This Is A Hollywood Production"


Rep. Devin Nunes told Maria Bartiromo on FNC's "Sunday Morning Futures" that the fencing around the Capitol building since riots on January 6 are security theater, saying: "This is a Hollywood production scene."

REP. DEVIN NUNES (R-CA): This is nothing compared to the threats that we have seen over the last two decades since 9/11/2011 of radical Islamic potential attacks on the Capitol and the targeting of politicians and other government buildings.

So, what this is really about, this is a Hollywood production scene. So, nobody's in Washington, D.C. You can't find anybody. Nobody's on the streets. The restaurants are mostly closed. And what they did is, they put up fencing that should have been there in the first place.

So, one of the basic rights we had -- have in this country for over 200 years has been the right the freedom to assemble. And I have been through many protests that have -- while I have been in Washington, protests that come. People have a right to do it. It happens all the time. You see it in front of the Supreme Court.

So, to have this perimeter -- and it's not just a perimeter right around the Capitol. It stretches for, I don't know, three or four blocks. So, this is all about narrative-building.

What they want to do is, they want to label every conservative and Republican across the country as some type of dangerous domestic terrorist threat. I think it's going to blow up in their face. I don't think this is going to work. It looks ridiculous. It looks like a -- it looks worse than a Third World country.

I have been the to a lot of Third World countries during my time in Congress, Maria. And to have -- to see this fencing, this razor wire, is completely absurd, when we have had over the past real serious threats that continue to this day, in terms of foreign intelligence, looking at radical Islamic problems that we still face.

Well, Nancy Pelosi is creating a new commission, a 9/11-like commission to investigate. Senator Johnson has already participated in a hearing in the Senate about what information was available.

How culpable is the FBI? They had the intel, right? And what about this upcoming commission? Will we find out the answers in terms of what they knew and why these people were able to break through into the Capitol?

NUNES: Well, look, it's -- this is not very complicated.

There was going to be tens of thousands of people, possibly hundreds of thousands of people that were going to be on the Capitol grounds. Every time that happens throughout history, you have the proper fencing in place. But, instead, they had little three-foot fencing that anybody could -- that my kids could jump over.

So, this is not about -- this is no -- there's no intelligence failure here. They knew the day before. It doesn't matter. Any time you're going to have tens of thousands of people, you have to make sure that you secure the basic Capitol Complex. We have done it for over 200 years.

So, the whole idea that you need to have 1,000 new Capitol Police officers, we're going to have to spend $100 million, it's preposterous. It's a joke.

At the end of the day, Pelosi is the one that is the mayor of the Capitol. She is the one who, at the end of the -- I don't know if she knew or what she knew and when she knew it. But she's in charge. And if this was previous speakers in the past, they have come out and they would take responsibility.

They would say, look, I get it. I'm in charge. And that's what she ought to be doing. But she's not, because these are sick individuals that are trying to label the Republican Party as having something to do with domestic terrorism. It's sick, and it's wrong, and I think the American people are going to reject this, because the Capitol Hill Complex has been closed. It's not just that it's been closed. It's been closed for a year now. And they like it this way.

They like it because they can draft legislation in the dark of night, just like they did with this $2 trillion bill. It hasn't gone through any committee. I know you are going to talk to Leader McCarthy about this.
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