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Watch: Biden Leaves Stage Maskless After Saying "For God's Sake, Wear A Mask"


President Joe Biden leaves the stage maskless after delivering a speech on Thursday celebrating 50 million COVID vaccine doses where he told people, "stay socially distanced, and for God's sake — for God's sake, wear a mask." Biden returned to the lectern a few moments later to pick it up after Vice President Kamala Harris signaled he forgot it.

Biden telling people to wear a mask, for God's sake:

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN: So I want to make something really very clear: This is not a time to relax. We must keep washing our hands, stay socially distanced, and for God’s sake — for God’s sake, wear a mask.

Some of our progress in this fight is because so many Americans are stepping up and doing those things. And the worst thing we could do now is let our guard down.

Of course, it’s my hope to come back in the next — next report that we’ve — after we’ve done another 50 million — another 50 million shots before the end of my first 100 days.

But here’s the critical point. As hard as it is now to believe, we’re going to hit a phase in this effort, maybe as late as April or May, where many predict that instead of long lines of people waiting to get a shot, we’ll face a very different scenario: We’ll have the vaccine waiting. We’ll have ramped up vaccine supplies. We’ll have administrative — folks to administer the shots to the most of the people who aren’t eager to get the shots. At least that’s been the prediction.
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