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Scott Atlas: Americans Have To Ask What Is The Endpoint Here? It Was Supposed To Be Living A Normal Life


Dr. Scott Atlas, former member of the Trump COVID response team, said Americans need to ask what the "endpoint" is with the various COVID restrictions. On "Hannity" Tuesday night, Atlas, a fellow at the Hoover Institute, said the point of life is not to be fearful and there is no reason to make it a "permanent part of American life."

"I think this is a question that Americans have to ask, which is what is the endpoint here?" Atlas asked. "Because the endpoint is supposed to be living a normal life, and that does not mean, after vaccinations and after as Dr. [Martin Adel] Makary, Johns Hopkins school of public health pointed out, there's a large number, in fact, probably ten times the number of documented cases of Americans who actually have the infection, so we are talking about a huge percentage of people that have immunity from either the infection and now the vaccine."

"The point is to stop people from dying and lead a normal life," he said. "The point is to not be fearful for the rest of our lives about a what-if scenario, what if there is a new variant, what if there are new pandemics? This is the point."

"We have to ask what is the time we can lead a normal life?" Atlas said. "And as we get people vaccinated, voluntarily, I hope, we then can open up then we should open up right now, many things, including the schools, as has been said ad nauseam. Remember, this is a virus where the overwhelming majority of people do well with. This is not the bubonic plague, we're not underestimating its seriousness, but we still see 99.5% of people survive if you are under 70, and people who are high-risk and elderly, we want to get enough of them vaccinated and with the radioactive word here, herd immunity, of the infected people and with the vaccinated people, they will be protected and we should be opening up. And there is no reason to sit there and invoke fear in everybody as a permanent part of American life."
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