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Jimmy Dore: Leaders Using COVID Incompetence To Distract Us From Seeing We Live In A Failed State


Political commentator and YouTube host Jimmy Dore appeared on Tucker Carlson on Wednesday and said the nation's leaders want to keep people divided and the country in chaos with incompetent COVID handling to prevent Americans from noticing that the United States is a "failed state."

"Why is it, for all of the conversation we have about race, most of what you are not allowed to participate in and no one wants a real conversation about it, but why don't we ever have a conversation about what's happening with all of the money the Federal Reserve is printing and why is it only going to a tiny percentage of the population? Seriously, why don't we have that debate?" Carlson asked.

"Well, that is because -- you know, the Democratic party are beholden just as much as any politician to Wall Street-military industrial complex, big health care, Big Pharma," Dore said. "Liberals believe a lot of things that are not true. They believed Russiagate, which was an evidence-free conspiracy theory that they screamed at the top of their lungs for four years, they are still doing it, by the way. Why are we talking about stuff like that instead of the things you wanted to talk about and the things I want to talk about, which is the economic devastation of America and workers? That's right, they don't want to talk about that, because both parties are complicit in that, right?"

"Biden told America that if we voted for Ossoff and Warnock, we're going to get $2,000 checks the next day," Dore continued. "That is misinformation because we did not get it. They told us we were going to get $2,000 checks, And now they say $1400 is just the same as $2,000 checks. Those are not the same things! Those are totally different things. That is misinformation right there."

"When I talk about COVID, I can only do with the ministry of truth says is okay to report, so if I said what Andrew Cuomo said two weeks ago, that he does not trust the experts, I would have my YouTube channel taken down," he said. "But the governor, who is getting an Emmy for his COVID handling, by the way, it turns out he was totally corrupt, gave immunity to people because of money who are actually complicit in killing people in nursing homes, and then he covered up the numbers. That was complete misinformation, and this is the guy the liberal press wants to absolve as some kind of anti-Trump."

"No, it turned out he was just the biggest misinformer as anybody and he is still doing it," Dore said.

"They're distracting us because they don't want us to see that we live in a failed state," Dore declared. "This is a failed state. Other countries are not doing to their people what we are doing to our people during COVID. Every other country is making sure their workers, if they shut their business down, get their wages paid. Canada has been getting a $2,000 UBI since covid started, plus they already have health care."

"People in the United States do not know that this is the only country handling it this way," he continued. "We are punishing our own people, and nobody can give me an answer. We are fighting over a one-time, $2,000 check, not a weekly, not a monthly, a one-time $2,000 check, as if rent only happens once every year instead of it happening monthly. So we are living in a failed state."

"When Donald Trump got elected, they wanted to talk about Russia and Vladimir Putin instead of the reason why Donald Trump got elected, was because the government had abandoned working people, and it turned its back on them in favor of globalism and outsourcing all their jobs, and then when the economy does tank, they take care of Wall Street and they screw everybody else," Dore explained.

"As a matter of policy, that is what they're doing with COVID," he said. "And they shut down everybody's business who has a restaurant or a gym or a bar, and they shut them down and have no relief for those people, they have decided that effectively, as a policy, they are going to kill a third of the economy with no plan to help those people."

"So we had protests all through the summer by black people, and what did they get for it? Nothing. And then we have white people also protesting. What did they get for it? Nothing. They can't even get them a check. But they did impeach a guy who wasn't even present anymore. That was amazing. They can snap their fingers and do an impeachment, but still waiting for COVID relief," Dore concluded.
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