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Kash Patel On Biden Admin Politicization Of DOD: Biden Is Wrong About White Supremacy In Military


Former Trump administration Department of Defense Chief of Staff Kash Patel joined Maria Bartiromo on FOX News Channel’s "Sunday Morning Futures" to say the Biden Administration is wrong when alleging white supremacy is a major problem in the military.


So, at the Defense Department, like any other major department in the United States government, when you stop trading in logic and fact, you start trading in politics. And this is a prime example of what's been done at the Defense Department.

By their own spokesperson and their own secretary of defense, they have said they do not know the problem and whether it exists. They don't have a name for it. They don't have a solution for it. But they're going to label it anyway.

That is a total Machiavellian approach. The ends justify the means. And they have self-admitted that the problem doesn't exist, to their knowledge.

And that's because it doesn't, Maria, in my two tours at the Department of Defense, that white supremacy is not rampant throughout the Department of Defense. That is outrageous and offensive to our men and women in uniform.

BARTIROMO: But doesn't this also continue this whole narrative with the seven-foot fencing and the barbed wire around the Capitol, that Nancy Pelosi and company have to be afraid of within?

PATEL: Absolutely.

And it's the continued politicization of the Defense Department, at the expense of our national security. Under President Trump, we put the women men and women of our uniformed services up front on the battlefield to defend America.

What they have done here is internally target our men and women in uniform and politicize the event by their fencing, their barbed wire, and their baseless claims of racism within the Department of Defense that's so absurd that they issued a stand-down order.

These types of orders are given in war, not at home in the United States of America, at the Pentagon, within.

Meanwhile, there are serious threats to this country.

I want to take a short break, Kash, but I want to get your take on China and your reaction to President Biden this week calling the Uyghur genocide a Chinese cultural norm. It's just the norm...

BARTIROMO: Welcome back.

I am back with Kash Patel, the former chief of staff at the Department of Defense.

And, Kash, you were also the number two in the Director of National Intelligence Office under Ric Grenell. You, along with Ric Grenell, John Ratcliffe have laid out the issue around China and the threat it poses.

I want to get your take on what President Biden said in that town hall this week, that the fact that one million Uyghurs are locked up in what some people call concentration camps, he said, well, this is just a cultural norm. It's a Chinese cultural norm.

What's your take on what you heard from President Biden?

PATEL: Well, that just shows you and exemplifies this administration's take on one of our -- one of our biggest threats to the Americas, which is that -- which is China.

They are in genocide in China against the Uyghurs. That is factually not in dispute. And for the leader of the free world to say genocide is a cultural norm is outrageous.

Could you imagine if President Trump had said publicly that the Uyghur genocide in China, which everyone acknowledges, is a cultural norm? It would have been a global calamity.

But because the left-wing media allows the politicization of our national security to continue just because Joe Biden said it, it allows for this outrageous conduct and, more importantly, the death and decimation of a minority population in China, who are encamped in fenced enclosures and cannot leave and are undergoing reeducation therapy.

This is a serious threat to the world.

BARTIROMO: And not only that, but I'm glad you mentioned the left media allowing this propaganda to take place.

Look at these headlines from The Global Times. Xi Jinping could have written it himself. And we are looking at The Global Times, which is the mouthpiece for the communists, saying "China's strength to self-correct evident, as Texas freezes and blacks out," "Why China, with the same size power grid, won't suffer outages like the -- in the United States."

Edit: This article and headline have been updated to more accurately reflect the content of the interview.
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