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GOP Rep. Matt Turner: Pelosi Said "Walls Are Immoral" To Trump But Now Walls Off Capitol Hill


GOP Rep. Matt Turner said the militarization of Washington D.C. and Capitol Hill following the riot on January 6 is an attack on "the image of America" and spoke about the Republican Party's plans for 2022 during an interview Sunday with FNC's Maria Bartiromo on "Sunday Morning Futures."

REP. MATT TURNER: Well, Maria, as you know, I can't confirm or deny any information that's in intelligence briefings that members of Congress receive.

But I can tell you what my personal opinion and my belief is. This is absolutely unnecessary. And the American public know it. When -- in 9/11, when the Capitol itself was a target, we didn't go to a wall and razor wire around -- around the Capitol.

This is absolutely being done by Nancy Pelosi. Remember, this is a woman who said that walls are immoral to protect the American public and our border. And now we have this wall all the way around the Capitol.

I believe it's part of their narrative of fear. They want to project fear of the American public, and even -- as you know, we have metal detectors now going to the House floor to vote -- fear of even their other members of Congress.

This is absolutely the wrong signal to be sending to the American public. And, certainly, in a free democracy, we certainly shouldn't be aware -- be afraid of the people who are the American public.

BARTIROMO: So, you are going through metal detectors then to go vote?

I had asked Senator Johnson that. He said no. But you actually are going through metal detectors every day when you have to vote?

TURNER: Correct. Correct.

They have been installed for the House floor. And, again, you have statements by the speaker and statements by other members of the Democratic leadership saying that there are members that are afraid of other Republican members.

This is all part of perpetuating that culture of fear against the American public, against Republicans, and certainly against those who supported Donald Trump.

BARTIROMO: Well, I mean, look, we were told that this was going to cost half-a-billion dollars just until mid-March. What is the cost of this kind of fencing and barbed wire and having all of those National Guard troops there?

TURNER: I think the cost is certainly significant, but I think the cost really to the image of America.

I mean, we're a free and open democracy. There is no threats to the Capitol that justifies this. There's no threats to certainly certain members of Congress themselves. And yet, by walling off the Capitol, by walling off this symbol of democracy, they're indicating that we're a democracy in peril, instead of just getting to work and serving the American public.

BARTIROMO: So, tell me about this as part of the broader agenda. We have spoken this weekend about what you believe this is, in terms of the broader issues that the Democrats want to push forth.

The Biden agenda, what can you tell us about it from your standpoint?
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