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Tucker Carlson: Nancy Pelosi Puts Hard Partisan Democrat Honore In Charge of Capital Riot "Security Review"


FNC host Tucker Carlson criticized Gen. Russell Honore, Speaker Nancy Pelosi's 'partisan' pick to lead the security review of the Jan. 6 riot, for calling Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) a "little piece of shit" who should be "run out of D.C."

TUCKER CARLSON: Well, speaking of CNN, Joe Biden was over there last night for a Town Hall. Did you see it? If you didn't -- if you didn't catch it, you might not be alone. It's not clear that Joe Biden caught it.

At one point, the poor guy lost track of where he was and nearly walked right into the moderator. That was more than a social distancing violation, it was almost a head on collision. There's some nervous laughter in the audience, but CNN didn't care.

That's because when Biden finally got his whereabouts under control, he delivered exactly the message the network wanted him to deliver: white supremacy is the problem, he told us. It's a wide ranging threat. It's the main problem.

You've heard that so often that it probably doesn't register anymore. Every day, there is some KKK terrorist out there lying in wait. Where's the plot? Of course, they don't tell you where the plot is. But every moment the terrorists don't strike is just proof they are planning something even bigger and more sinister.

There's no evidence this is true. They're creating extremism by the way, by saying it, they seem to be pushing for it. It's crazy -- crazier than the Russia hoax, it is dangerous.

This isn't just about taking down Mike Flynn or George Papadopoulos. It's dividing the country against itself. It is impugning people with the worst slur they have. And now, it's being used as a pretext to marshal the force of the state against its own people. Nancy Pelosi is leading that effort.

She has just announced that someone called retired General Russel Honore of Louisiana, will be leading a security review of what happened on January 6th, of the riot. Nancy Pelosi says General Honore has been, quote: "Assessing our security needs by reviewing what happened on January 6th, and how we must ensure that it does not happen again."

But that's not right. General Honore already has come to conclusions about what happened on January 6th. He has been very public about that and you should know what those conclusions are and what kind of person he is.

Just because his title is "General" doesn't mean that he is sane, or not a wild-eyed partisan.

On the day after the Capitol Riot, Honore suggested it was an inside job, and that the Sergeant-at-Arms might be implicated in the plot.


LT. GEN. RUSSEL HONORE (RET), U.S. ARMY: There was complicit actions that the Capitol Police, a Police Chief has been fired, but now we need to look at a special investigation, was he complicit along with the Sergeant-of- Arms in the House and the Senate?

It gives appearance of complicity. He complied because they might have thought 45 was coming to the Capitol and they gave way to the protesters who easily breached the Capitol. This is a crying damn shame.


CARLSON: What? Speaking of misinformation and conspiracy theories, there's no evidence for any of that. It's all made up. It's crazy. But he went on.

In a radio interview that same day, General Honore explained that conservatives on the Capitol Police Force were to blame when he was asked about what happened with security. Watch this.


HONORE: By a percentage, 30 to 40 percent of the line officers are Trumpsters.


HONORE: That's a fact, Jack.


CARLSON: How would he know that? Well, of course, he doesn't know that. He doesn't have any idea and who you voted for is irrelevant. These are sworn peace officers. They're doing their job, but General Honore has decided to attack them on the basis of speculation about their political beliefs.

There is a problem that this guy would be in charge of anything, and that problem goes beyond General Honore prejudging what happened at the Capitol on the basis of no knowledge.

Like so many of our country's ex-generals, this guy is an authoritarian and an unhinged one. He understands how to use force to achieve political objectives and it seems like he is being set up to use his military training against anyone who sees the world differently than he does.

They'll be reclassified as domestic terrorists. Who are these people and what threat to the pose? Well, according to General Honore, those threats include the Constitution and our Second Amendment. For real.

He believes your right to defend yourself is dangerous. He said that and we're quoting here, quote: "We can't permit Second Amendment rights at First Amendment protests." Really? Constitutional scholar, are you?

Imagine a public figure with a General in front of his name making that statement? This is the guy Nancy Pelosi wants in charge of security.

Honore unraised not a fan of the First Amendment either, by the way. On Twitter, he attacked this network. He even told people to stop buying the - - we can't use it -- profanity, the crappy stocks of any company that advertises on FOX News, talking about the stock price of advertisers.

He retweeted posts accusing the social media site, Parler, of being -- and we're quoting now, "100 percent complicit in the January 6th riot." This is the guy.

It is like putting Joy Reid in charge of security. This is insane.

John Honore believes that elected Members of Congress, people like U.S. Representative Lauren Boebert shouldn't be allowed to fly on commercial aircraft because of her political views, quote, "Put her on a no fly list."

He said something similar about Senator Josh Hawley, the Senator from Missouri, quote, "This little piece of crap with his Yale Law degree should be run out of D.C. and disbarred ASAP." Run out of D.C.? Really? What do you mean by that?

Run out of D.C. and disbarred? This is crazy.

But this is the guy Nancy Pelosi has leading the security response to the Capitol riot. This should really worry you. Is this really about what happened in the Capitol on January 6th? No. It's about you and your rights, rights that people like General Honore and Nancy Pelosi view as the greatest threat of all.
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