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Gingrich: Donald Trump Is A "Mortal Threat" To The Left


Newt Gingrich said the impeachment trial being held in the Senate against former President Donald Trump is about the left making us upset so we have something to be upset about.

"Donald Trump is a mortal threat to the entire world of the left," Gingrich said Wednesday in an interview on FOX News. "He is such a deep threat that anything they do to stop him is by definition legitimate. So long before he even was elected there were articles about impeaching him. The day he had his inauguration, the 'Washington Post' had an article about impeaching him."

"The day after you had a huge crowd of the left-wingers in front of the Capitol and you had Madonna saying that she dreamed of the White House being destroyed with the Trump family in it," Gingrich told FNC host Laura Ingraham. "This has been going on for five years now and we're seeing more of the same thing. The very fact that you showed Swalwell, a congressman who had a multi-year relationship with a Chinese Communist spy, and who is serving on the House Intelligence Committee, and he is part of this impeachment process?"

"This whole thing is a tragic, pathetic joke, which undermines the United States," Gingrich said. "The truth is this is not a trial. All this lawyer talk is baloney. This is a mock trial where in which the party of Hollywood has put together a series of films designed to make us so upset that we have someone to be upset at and they're saying Donald Trump's the right person. You could make a much better case that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and others deserve to be the people on trial, not Donald Trump."
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