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Peter Navarro: Bill Barr "Fast-Tracked" Biden's Executive Orders


Former WH economic advisor Peter Navarro told Maria Bartiromo on FOX News Channel’s "Sunday Morning Futures that the Trump administration's Justice Department and Attorney General Bill Barr worked with the Biden administration during the transition period to fast-track President Biden's executive orders while putting up "roadblocks" for President Trump.

"Trump’s last Attorney General actually also turns out to be Joe Biden’s first Attorney General," Navarro railed. "Because here is what was happening. We had over 30 executive orders queued after election day, ready to go. But we kept running into all of these roadblocks and roadblocks and hurdles. It turns out that Bill Barr’s office of legal counsel was fast-tracking all of these Biden EOs."

"And basically, it was a Deep State coup," he added. "Now, this has implications, Maria. I will tell you about one that got away from us. And I will tell you about one that Biden did. The first one that Biden did was an abomination. We did a beautiful executive order… to prevent the Communist Chinese from selling bulk power equipment into our electricity grid."

"The problem I told Barr about numerous times, and yeah, he should have been fired months before he was, by the last year of this administration. By the last year of this administration, he was really working against this administration in a lot of ways."

"And these executive orders, the bottleneck was at the Department of Justice, on so many things we did. You see what President Biden is doing now, he’s just unwinding things that are going to come back to haunt the American worker, bigtime," he said.
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