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Jason Riley: How Race-Obsessed Democrats Turn MLK's Dream On Its Head


Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Riley joins "The Rubin Report" to speak about his new biographical documentary on Thomas Sowell and the modern civil rights movement in light of the events of the last few weeks.

RUBIN REPORT: Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Jason Riley, a writer at the Wall Street Journal and Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, about identity politics taking over the Democratic Party, how BLM and the modern day civil rights movement is destroying the message of Martin Luther King Jr., and why Thomas Sowell has enjoyed a renaissance with young black conservatives. Jason first discusses why he has some optimism for the Joe Biden cabinet picks that have been announced thus far, since they seem to be less woke than he feared. He is however very disturbed by the amount of influence Black Lives Matter and critical race theory have had on the Democratic Party and their proposed solutions for racial inequality. He points out how many people forget that under the liberal policies of Barack Obama the black community fared far worse than under Trump due to high unemployment. Polling data also indicates that race relations had gotten worse under Obama’s leadership. Jason discusses how even on MLK day we seem to have forgotten the importance of being judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin. He is pessimistic about the growth of cancel culture and the demand for diversity training as a way of addressing racial inequality. Jason talks about how race relations surprisingly worsened under Barack Obama and didn’t improve under Donald Trump. Despite this there was significant growth in the number of black Trump supporters and black Republicans. He finds the growth of black conservatives a promising development for the Republican Party and proof that Democrats do not have a lock on the votes of minorities. Jason explains how black unemployment declined significantly and wages in the black community increased before COVID. Jason discusses Thomas Sowell and why he was inspired to tackle writing a biography of him as well as working on the documentary “Thomas Sowell: Common Sense in a Senseless World”. He shares why Sowell has been such an influential figure to himself, but also to legendary black conservatives like Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams. Jason shares how Sowell’s insights on social justice and the civil rights movement are as relevant today as they were 40 years ago. Despite the renaissance of Thomas Sowell among young conservatives, Jason is alarmed by the support of Socialism and Democratic Socialist leaders like AOC.
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