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ABC's Matthew Dowd Compares Trump, GOP With Hitler, Tojo, KKK, Apartheid


ABC News contributor Matthew Dowd commented Sunday on ABC's "This Week" roundtable:

MATTHEW DOWD: Well, to me, the impeachment -- we have to separate the parts of the impeachment vote.

I mean, other countries have gone through this before, Germany, Japan, South Africa, and the thing before you get to reconciliation and healing, you have to have some element of truth and accountability, but we have an example in our country during reconstruction in the aftermath of the civil war when we went through -- we were supposed to go through a process of truth and accountability and changing the nature of what went on and when Abraham Lincoln was killed and Andrew Johnson took over, the idea of forming a thing and demanding truth was stopped.

What did that result in, George? It resulted in this country of Jim Crow laws, it resulted in the KKK and it resulted of 100 years more of a fight for justice and truth and equality in our country. So we have to get to a situation where, yes, let's have a discussion of the truth, what did Donald Trump do, what should be his accountability, and the final stage of that is, what should be his punishment.

To me, the only way to do that is to have a conversation in the trial in the Senate, where facts, data and information is presented in such a way that the American public can see exactly what went on, what was Donald Trump responsible for, what should he held accountable to, and ultimately, what should his punishment be. We should not do what happened in reconstruction, when it ended and we went through this long process when justice finally prevailed in the end. We have to have an insight into the truth before we get to reconciliation and healing.
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