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McDaniel: The Democrats Are The Cancel Culture Party


RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel commented Thursday on FNC's "The Faulkner Focus" about how Republicans can win back a majority in Congress by being a "party for everyone":

RONNA MCDANIEL: Will they [Democrats] go with a unity message? Is it Pelosi, Schumer, AOC? I think they will have an issue.

What I will say for our party is we need to unite. We are only going to win back the majority if we unite. The Democrats are the "cancel culture party."

We're the party for everyone.

Let's just make sure we extend a hand to every American, talking about cutting taxes, deregulation and the promise of the country and freedom of speech and religion. That's how we'll draw people with positivity.

Let them be divisive and use that nasty rhetoric and let's show a positive vision to unite to take back the majority.

The first step is to make sure we don't engage in the conviction of the president and not go along with the action of trying to impeach a president who is already out of office. And I hope Republicans will absolutely not go along with what the Democrats are doing, if they call for unity and are acting in a totally different way.
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