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Former DHS Chief Chad Wolf: Biden's Team Has Made "Concerning" Remarks About National Sovereignty


CHAD WOLF, FMR. DHS SECRETARY: I think certainly the president's words matter, and I think I've said that publicly on several occasions now. But obviously the individuals that stormed the Capitol, the rioters, the criminals that did that obviously have a lot of blame for their actions themselves and I think that's important to keep in mind ... Actions in Portland and Oakland and areas like that where the activities of very violent individuals trying to burn down a courthouse and others very similar to what we saw here in the Capitol trying to disrupt the workings of the federal government. And at that time there was very few outspoken individuals about the attack on those federal facilities and law enforcement ...

The department over the last several months, the authority as the acting secretary has been the subject of litigation on a number of fronts. As recently as last Friday had another court ruling, misguided court ruling in my opinion, that again had a nationwide injunction to several of our actions and rule makings. I did not see a legal path forward in the final days of this administration and I wanted to preserve the good work the department has done over the last four years ...

I am extremely proud of what we accomplished on the border. Securing our borders, making sure that we have national sovereignty. It's a big issue ... Certainly some of the comments made by President-Elect Biden's team as they come in I think are a little concerning. I think it's important that the American people continue to watch that. At the end of the day this is about protecting the homeland. This is about protecting American citizens. This is not about politics.
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