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Mollie Hemingway: Time For Media And Democrats To Get On Board With Condemning Political Violence


"The Federalist" senior editor Mollie Hemingway says the media's actions during President Trump's last weeks in office are "insane" and an "overreaction, an improper reaction to what is going on" during an appearance Tuesday afternoon on FNC's "Outnumbered."

MOLLIE HEMINGWAY: Well, the vice president and the president reportedly had a productive meeting in the White House yesterday so part, part of that is not what's happening.

Everything that the Democrats are doing here right now, enabled by the media, with regard to impeachment and removal of a president who's leaving in a few days, is crazy. It's insane, it's dangerous. I mean, one of the problems. One of the major problems in this country right now is that many Americans believe that there are two systems, one for the elites and one for the normal people.

I can't think of anything that would be done right now, that could be worse to convince people that that's true, then overreaction to, or improper reaction, really, to what's going on. We've had a year where people millions of people have lost their jobs, lost their livelihoods, had their businesses burned down, you know, had calls for destruction of rule of law and defunding the police, the "Summer of Rage," which was enabled by many Democrats, which was, you know, Kamala Harris, put out a link to bail out the people who were rioting in Minneapolis, where dozens of people were, killed cops were dragged through the streets, all this stuff, nobody cared, nobody cared.

It took months to get condemnation of even a light variety from Democrats. And to have people say that only now when there's been this escalation to the Capitol, only now should people do anything in response is so unserious and so damaging.

I think this is a good moment, you know, Republicans are already there, they condemned what was happening this summer they've condemned what happened on Wednesday, now's the time to bring media and Democrats on board for a mutual condemnation of all violations of rule of law and all this violence, political violence, and that's what should be done by adults who actually care about the country, and actually healing things.

Everything else here is such a stupid distraction, it's, it's, it's just unserious I mean there are national problems, there are international problems, and it'd be great to see some leadership from anyone.
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