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Karl Rove: Trump Has Been "Ill-Served" By Sidney Powell, "Peddled Theories That Have Little Basis In Fact"


FOX News contributor Karl Rove says former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn's public call for President Trump to deploy the military to rerun some state elections shows he is no constitutional lawyer.

"There's other things that have been kicked around too, which the president denies, like bringing in the military to rerun elections in certain states. What do you make of that?” FNC anchor John Roberts asked.

"I'm going to accept the president at his word," Rove said. "We do know that General Flynn suggested that. He did so publicly. And talk about an idiotic idea!"

"No president would have the authority to do that," Rove continued. "So General Flynn may have served honorably, but he’s not a constitutional law scholar. When it comes to giving good advice to the president about politics, he’s at the bottom of the list in my opinion."

Rove also ripped Flynn attorney and Trump legal advisor Sidney Powell for the "antics" she pulled alleging voter fraud.

"Mrs. Powell has peddled theories that have little basis in fact," Rove said. "The idea that Hugo Chavez from the grave was somehow involved in stealing this year's election. She was poured out in a courtroom where all of her expert witnesses, one of them was so highly prized that he had to have a code name and couldn't be revealed. She sold him as a highly expert military intelligence analyst. He turned out to be a mid-level computer programmer from Dallas who couldn't even pass the entrance exam for the 305th Intelligence Brigade in intelligence school. He couldn't even pass the exams. He was her high-level advocate. She had another expert that couldn't tell the difference between election precincts and townships in Minnesota and Michigan and claimed that a 151% turnout in Wayne County, Michigan when any idiot with access to Google and the county election returns could have seen that the turnout was 51%, not 151%."

"What she has done, throw mud on the president through her antics is unbelievable," Rove said. "The president has been so ill-served by this crowd and she's chief among them."

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