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Rand Paul Grills Krebs: "Sure, The Election Was Safe From Foreign Intervention," But What About Regular Fraud?


Sen. Rand Paul challenged Chris Krebs, the recently fired director of the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity division, over his statement that 2020 was the "most secure election in American history" during a Senate Homeland Security Committee hearing on the president's allegations that the election was stolen.

President Trump fired Krebs shortly after the election when he said ti was the "Most Secure In American History."

"Fraud happened, the election was in many ways stolen, and the only was it will be fixed is be reinforcing the laws," Paul said.

To Krebs, Paul said: "Your job was keeping foreigners out of the election, and it was the most secure election based on the security of the internet or technology. But he never has voiced an opinion --he's welcome to today-- on whether dead people voted. I don't think he examined that. I don't think he looked at non-citizens voting. The safest election, sure, I agree with your statement if you're referring t foreign intervention."

"But if you're saying it was the most secure election based on no dead people voting, no non-citizens voted, no people broke the absentee rules."

"I think that's false, and I think that's what upsets a lot of people on our side. They're taking your statement to mean there were no problems in the election. I don't think you've referred to anything we have spoken about here," he said.
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