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Michigan GOP Official Linda Lee Tarver: The Larger The Jurisdiction Of Black Voters, The More Election Fraud


Michigan State Senate Oversight Committee heard testimony from poll watchers and others involved in the November election at a public hearing held at the TCF Center in Detroit on Tuesday. Former Vice Chair of the Michigan Republican Party Dr. Linda Lee Tarver, a former civil rights commissioner, testified to the committee that ballot fraud has not been addressed and no election after 2020 should be considered fair if we do not get it right now.

Dr. Tarver was selected by President Trump to serve as an Advisory Board Member on the national Black Voices for Trump coalition.

"When you have drop boxes for all of these urban areas to make it convenient, you do not have the ability to check the dropbox line putting in 50 ballots," Dr. Tarver testified on Tuesday. "If you don't compare the signatures, you toss the signature out. You don't compare the signatures, you're supposed to. It's in the law. We are not following the law that we have followed in every election and the larger the jurisdiction which are people of color, people who look like me, the more fraud that can be inserted into stealing an election. That is a problem and we need to stop it."

"Democrat-controlled areas can not seem to balance their elections. And because they have been habitual violators of the inability to balance their election because of either ignorance, apathy, lack of leadership, or lack of caring about their election integrity. Even if you add more laws to the books you will still have people who don't follow the law," Tarver said.

Tarver said this problem is not happening in other counties: "We have sufficient laws on the books. So my brothers and sisters in the Republican GOP has done their due diligence to pass laws, make laws. The enforceability of the laws, however, because in Grand Traverse County we're not having this problem. In certain counties -- in Van Buren County we're not having this hot mess problem that we've having in Pontiac, in Flint, and in Detroit... If you want Republicans to pass more laws, why don't the Democrats in their cities enforce the doggone election laws so we can have fair elections?"

Watch the full hearing:

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