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Turley: Georgia Voter Groups "Subverting The Essence Of Democracy" With "False Votes"


George Washington University Law School professor Jonathan Turley weighs in on a political group called America Votes sending absentee ballots to people who haven't voted since 1994 and Operation New Voter Registration Georgia which encourages college students to temporarily change their residency to the state to be able to vote in the upcoming Senate runoff elections.

"It also just happens to be a crime," Turley said Monday on FOX News. "It's breathtaking that many of these groups are -- have this rallying cry to protect democracy and all votes should be counted and yet they are actively subverting the essence of democracy."

"They are trying to bring in false votes, false voters," Turley continued, "and you saw that with 'The New York Times' columnist saying people should move down to Georgia to vote. This is all just disconnected from the narrative. It is not disconnected from the criminal code. This would be a matter of Georgia criminal law. And it is clear that officials are prepared to prosecute people."

"I am particularly worried about students who are being, you know, encouraged to take these steps. They should not put themselves in this type of precarious position," Turley told FNC's Martha MacCallum.
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