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Trump Campaign's Erin Perrine: We Will Protect A Free And Fair Election The American People Can Trust


After Leland Vittert’s wild interview at the weekend with the Trump campaign’s Erin Perrine, Fox News’ Harris Faulkner had a much calmer segment today when Erin expressed her confidence in their election legal challenges.

ERIN PERRINE, TRUMP CAMPAIGN: This election is not certified, it is not over... Let's talk about the facts here. The Paris climate accord, the work President Trump has done to make sure we have the cleanest air and water. We've already surpassed the standards of that disastrous accord without having to sacrifice energy independence here in the U.S.

And remember, Democrats are the ones who walked away from immigration legislation, back when we were doing that during the last four years, the first term of that administration. And on health care, Trump delivered short-term limited duration options, got rid of the ridiculous individual mandate that burdened Americans... Let's talk about the fact, on all three of those, President Trump delivered while Democrats walked away.

HARRIS FALUKNER: You mentioned the words, "it's not over yet." I'm reading Rep. Andy Biggs is requesting a 100% audit of Maricopa County down in Arizona. The Trump campaign has already dropped it's lawsuit down there. What is your thinking there and where the Trump campaign goes next with some other lawsuits?

ERIN PERRINE: We always want to make sure we count every legal vote, without counting the illegal votes. In a state like Georgia, in Pennsylvania, we have an extremely strong case about the Equal Protection violations under the 14th Amendment, about 700,000 votes that we did not have equal access to. In Michigan, Wayne County, we have similar problems, with us not being allowed to have equal access on vote counts. And we have a recount coming in Wisconsin. We feel good about where we are in our ability to protect a free and fair election for the American people that we can trust the outcome.
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