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Ken Starr on Trump Legal Challenges: "Allow Litigation To Run Its Course," Gore Went For 37 Days


Ken Starr, former Whitewater independent counsel, and Laurence Tribe, Constitutional law professor at Harvard debate the merits of President Trump's accusations of voter fraud in the 2020 election, during a segment on FOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

About Trump's efforts, Tribe said "we know it's going to fail" and "it is time to move on."

Starr argued that the litigation should be allowed to "to run its course," "just as in Bush v. Gore, it ran for 37 days."

LAURENCE TRIBE, HARVARD UNIVERSITY CONSTITUTIONAL LAW PROFESSOR: I think his overall effort is dangerous, even though we know it's going to fail. The Republicans themselves know that President Trump's claims that Biden's votes were fraudulent are without merit because if those claims were true, then those Republicans too would have been elected fraudulently or mistakenly because they were the same ballots.

Now, if we know that Trump is going to lose in the courts, and we do, why should we care? The reason we should care is that he is undermining democracy because there are millions of people who will believe him even though there is nothing in his arguments and no evidence to back them.

WALLACE: Let me bring in Judge Starr.

A Department of Homeland Security committee, a federal, state and local officials issued a statement this week. I want to put some of it up on the screen.

They called the election "the most secure in American history" and said, "there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised."

Judge, what do you think of the president's effort to hold up the transition while he litigates the election vote counts?

KEN STARR, FORMER INDEPENDENT COUNSEL: It's a very important process and what we've just heard from the distinguished Professor Tribe, I think, is a -- gives new meaning to rhetorical hyperbole.

Our system is designed to check. Let's check it out. And a lawsuit was filed just on Wednesday in Michigan. Let's let this process run. A lawsuit was just filed by the legendary Lin Wood in Georgia. Don't mess with Lin Wood. Let's find out.

In the United States, we allow the jury to hear all the evidence. And that's what's happening right now. Don't rush to judgment. It's important, especially given the fact that so many tens of Americans feel right now disenfranchised. So let's get the facts in, allow this litigation to run its course, just as in Bush v. Gore it ran for 37 days.
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