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McEnany: Trump Certainly Believes He Still Has A Shot At Winning, "Let's Get To The Bottom Of This"


Trump campaign senior adviser and White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany was interviewed by FOX News host Martha MacCallum on Thursday and discussed transparency in counting ballots and why Democrats won't provide that.

MARTHA MACCALLUM, FOX NEWS:  Let's talk about the mood at the White House and from the president tonight. I was listening to Jonathan Swan earlier talking about reporting that he has done that indicates that there is sort of a split look at this, that the president wants to keep fighting because he wants people to feel that their vote counts, but that there may be an increasing acceptance that this -- that it looks difficult for things to end with this going his way.
Where does it stand really tonight?
KAYLEIGH MCENANY:  Well, where it stands is this.
Our Pennsylvania filing that was just put through really is significant because it would affect tens of thousands of votes potentially in Pennsylvania and what it says is this, that in some Democrat counties, seven in particular, voters were given an opportunity to correct their ballot.
They were notified in advance, hey, your ballot -- your mail-in ballot isn't right, come and cast a new ballot, whereas in the other 60 countries, voters weren’t given that advantage. That's a real equal protection violation.
And likewise, we believe the counting process, the Pennsylvania legislature constitutionally decides how these elections work. And they say, you need a signature, you need an address, you need a date. And we know in Philadelphia and two other counties, those ballots were actually counted without those legislative requirements.
MCENANY:  So we believe it could affect a lot, and we deserve to look at this because everyone in this country deserves a vote and deserves the right and same amount of enfranchisement.
MACCALLUM:  So, that is a decision that went your way in Pennsylvania today. And do you believe that that would nudge the Supreme Court to get involved?
MCENANY:  Yeah, I think it certainly could. You know, the case you're referring to today was a Pennsylvania state court decision and it was significant. The secretary of state, who has put out anti-crime tweets was basically rebuked and they said, no, Article One, Section Four of the Constitution matters, and in fact the legislature gets to say this, not a politically motivated secretary of state.
And, Martha, this has applications for elections to come. We have to fight for these principles because when we have a number of allegations, these people deserve to be heard, President Trump will fight for them and the Constitution should work as the Founders intended it to.
MACCALLUM:  Yeah. I mean, I think you're right -- I think that, you know, people -- everyone accepts skepticism about what this looks like. There is something like 70 percent of Republicans think that there's not a free and fair election and that's a very disturbing number I think for any American to look at. And when you look at some of these instances, we need to get this right.
So, you know, back to my question that I asked you earlier, is that the focus of the president right now, to make sure that this is fixed for the future, or does he honestly believe tonight that he still has a shot at changing enough votes out there that would allow him to keep the White House?
MCENANY:  He certainly believes he still has a shot of this. It’s two-part. I think both of these things that you said are true, but when you look at the overall number of mail-in ballots in the country that are rejected nationwide, it is 1 percent.
That is the average, that's what it was in 2016, and the data that we’re getting out of some of the states like Pennsylvania and Michigan is the rejection rate was 0.4 percent, 0.6 percent, much lower than that.
So we want to take a look and say hey, what went on here? Were you counting votes that didn't have signatures? We have affidavits and we want answers, and we certainly think the vote totals could change. The president is still fighting for a second term here in this litigation will shed some light and pull back the curtains in some of the things that were going on.
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