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Tucker Carlson: Media Liars Tell You "Resist" Bumper Stickers Are Only For Range Rovers, Not Pickup Trucks


FNC's 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' host reacts to 2020 election results, says polling errors 'amounted to voter suppression'.

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Thanks for watching tonight. It’s hard to trust anything you hear right now, as you’ve learned. We’ve heard you. We’re grateful that you trust us. We’ll try to be worthy of it. We want to begin tonight by assessing some of the things you’ve no doubt heard about last week’s presidential election. There are conflicting versions of virtually every part of the story. Here’s what we know as of right now:

For much of election night, Donald Trump seemed to be leading in a number of key swing states. Then, early Wednesday morning, he began to fall behind. That trend continued, more or less, for several days. On Saturday, the media declared Joe Biden the president elect.

Biden quickly accepted that judgement. The Biden campaign has now created something called "the Office of the President-Elect." It sounds official, which of course is the point of it. And, in the end, maybe it will be. If, after all the questions haven been answered, it becomes clear that Joe Biden is the winner of a legitimate presidential election, we will accept that. We’ll encourage others to accept it too. We’re Americans first. We want what’s best for this country. We want our system of government to continue. Whether that happens, depends in part on how we proceed from here.

As of tonight, tens of millions of Americans suspect this election was stolen from them. That means, we now live in a country where a large percentage of the population no longer believes our democracy is real. That’s dangerous. It could easily get worse. What we’re doing now isn’t the solution. It’s making it much worse. In a democracy, you can’t ignore honest questions from citizens. You can’t dismiss them out of hand as crazy or immoral. You just can’t just cut away from coverage you don’t like. You can’t simply tell people to accept an outcome. Force doesn’t work in a democracy. That’s dictatorship. In a free society, you have you convince the public of your legitimacy. You have to win them over with reason. Democracy is always a voluntary arrangement. Telling voters to shut up is never enough.

In this case, there’s only one way to lower the national temperature and unite the country: we need to find out exactly what happened in this election. There are questions. We have to answer them. For example, in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Michigan, the Trump campaign has collected signed affidavits that attest to criminal activity in the voting process. In Detroit, witnesses have alleged under oath that ballots were improperly backdated and counted without matching signatures. In Nevada, eight whistleblowers from within the Nevada Election Department say they witnessed voter fraud abetted by other election officials and supervisors. According to one affidavit, a poll worker saw people bringing handfuls of ballots to a Biden-Harris campaign van. Those ballots were then filled out at the van and placed out in return envelopes. Eventually, Biden's supporters formed a wall to block outsiders from seeing what they were doing.

Meanwhile, according to voting records, people who weren’t even alive cast votes last Tuesday. In New York, deceased voters cast absentee ballots. On October 9 in Nevada, a man called Fred Stokes Jr mailed in his vote. The only problem was, Fred Stokes Jr. died three years ago, at the age of 92. The Republican Party of Nevada says it’s aware of hundreds of other potential cases of dead people voting. In Pennsylvania, records show turnout from several people born in the 19th century. They rose from their graves to vote.

All of this is real. We spent all weekend checking. False claims of fraud can be as destructive as the fraud itself. All of us need to be responsible. But this is true. And there’s more. Just hours ago, in Georgia, an election official admitted that they'll find illegal votes and "double voters" when they check the voter rolls:

Georgia Election Official Gabriel Sterling: "Let me be perfectly clear on another point, we’re going to find that people did illegally vote. That’s going to happen. There are going to be double voters. There are going to be people who did not have the qualifications of a registered voter to vote in this state. That will be found. Is it 10,353? Unlikely. But every election, as I’ve said every day at this podium, is imperfect."

“We’re going to find that people did illegally vote. That’s going to happen.” True. We already have found it. So much for those claims that voter fraud never happens. Of course it does. They knew that when they told us it didn’t. They’re liars.

At this stage, the fraud we can confirm doesn’t seem to be enough enough to alter the election results. We should be honest and tell you that. Of course that could change. But changing the election is hardly the point. The point is that fraud took place. That should horrify us. If you want people to believe that their system is real — that it’s worth, say, joining the military and dying for — you’ve got to get to the bottom of what happened, as quickly and responsibly as you can. You can’t have fraud in an election. No one will believe in elections.

But gathering the facts is the last thing our media want. They demand that you shut up and accept their verdict. Now. And if you don’t, they’ll hurt you. No one in this country is going to set up a quote, “resistance” to Joe Biden. They’re going to make sure of that. Those “resist” stickers you remember are for Range Rovers only. No pickup trucks allowed. Try it, buddy. You’ll find out.

This morning, a prominent anchor on CNN send this tweet to Trump supporters. Quote: “I truly sympathize with those dealing with losing, but at a certain point one has to think not only about what’s best for the nation (peaceful transfer of power) but how any future employers might see your character defined during adversity." Your character is on trial. Future employers, take notice. Got it? “Accept Joe Biden now, or you’ll never work again. Do what CNN tells you, or good luck feeding your family.”

The Sicilian mafia never made threats that explicit. They knew the FBI was listening. In this case, the FBI is on board. So is the entire media establishment. After Joe Biden claimed victory on Saturday, CNN released an ad commanding viewers to accept Joe Biden as their lawful president and holy savior. If you don't let Joe Biden into your heart, there can’t be peace. Watch:

CNN NARRATOR: Our trust has been broken. In our leaders, in our institutions, even with some of our friends, and we are hurting. Now more than ever, we need each other, to listen, to learn from one another, to rebuild those bonds.

The election is over, CNN declares. Now's the time for healing. And if you want to know what that healing looks like, just ask Michelle Obama. In her message of "unity," Michelle Obama wrote, quote, "Let's remember that tens of millions of people voted for the status quo, even when it meant supporting lies, hate, chaos, and division."

Let's "remember" the people who voted for our political opponent. Sandy Cortez of Westchester hasn’t forgotten. She asked, quote, “Is anyone archiving these Trump sycophants for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future?” The answer to that question was, yes, they are. Hari Sevugan, the former national press secretary for the Democratic National Committee and former Pete Buttigieg, staffer, was already hard at work on an online "enemies' list." He wrote, quote, "WH staff are starting to look for jobs. Employers considering them should know there are consequences for hiring anyone who helped Trump attack American values."

American values. Says the guy going full Soviet. Impervious to irony, these people, always. Corporate America’s on lard of course. The Chamber of Commerce, The National Association of Manufacturers -- along with CEOs from companies like United Airlines, Microsoft and Amazon -- have already congratulated Joe Biden. As they were doing that, the media wasn't hard at work verifying the integrity of the election. They weren't interviewing the poll workers who signed those affidavits in Detroit. Here's what they were doing:

CUOMO: How you feeling?

LEMON: Ahhhhh I almost can’t talk right now because of the emotion... Everyone is welcome under this tent... We don’t care who you are. We don’t care if you voted for us or not. You’re all part of this American experiment. I was so overwhelmed to hear that. I don’t care if people think I’m biased or not. I don’t care... And so I’m very emotional so when you ask me how I’m feeling right now, I’m sorry. This is all i can tell you. I’m so happy to have this platform to be able to do this. I may not have it after this but I really don’t care. I am so happy.

"I don't care if people think I'm biased or not." There you go. They don't care anymore. They won, or say they did. This can’t stand. Like all hasty decisions, we’ll regret it. Congress ought to investigate every meaningful claim of illegal voting. Yes, a congressional hearing on voter fraud will inevitably descend into partisan posturing. That’s guaranteed. But it’s still worth it. A federal investigation will produce facts, and we need those more than anything. Transparency is the key. There’s a reason that so many people on both sides have embraced conspiracy theories: because they know the people in charge are lying. Which they are. And the moment they try to get answers, this is what happens:

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: All of you, suck it up. Suck it up like we sucked it up. And if you are not sure that you are comfortable with Joe Biden, do what we did. Find things and then take it to the law, and if the law says it’s something to look at, look at it, but from now on, suck it up. Grow the pair for him that he can’t grow for himself because this is ridiculous. You’re not sure that he won. You’re bringing into question all these Americans who voted, legally came out, and stood and voted. How dare you question it.

"How dare you question it." How dare you ask why dead people are voting in Pennsylvania. How dare you question the "Decision Desk." The contempt is all out in the open now. If you don't admit Donald Trump lost this election, even though votes are still being counted, you're probably a racist:

GLAUDE: More white people voted for Donald Trump in 2020 than they did in 2016, so the reckoning we’re experiencing as a nation, at least to my mind, shows us that race, selfishness, greed continue to threaten the very livelihood of our republic.

Yeah. Racism. Of course. That’s always the answer, when they want to force you to be quiet. How long do the people in charge think tactics like this can continue? How long can the most privileged in our society berate those beneath them into silence from their perches on cable news? Maybe they imagine they can do it forever. They’re wrong. This can’t last. It’s too grotesque. At some point, the system will explode.

The only solution to this is honesty. Let’s all stop lying — lying about everything that matters, every day of our lies. That’s what we’re doing now. Let’s repeal our national dishonesty mandate — a law never codified, but still ruthlessly enforced — and instead tell the truth. That’s our only hope: telling the truth about everything. Declassify the documents. Note the obvious. Get the bottom of it all. Why shouldn’t we? What we’re doing now clearly isn’t working. It’s making everyone paranoid and crazy. Truth can’t be worse than this.

One of the first things we should be honest about, is that the worst forms of election tampering took place far from polling sites. It wasn’t votes from dead people. It was more obvious than that. It was Silicon Valley. The tech monopolies spent the final weeks of the presidential election suppressing the voices of Trump supporters and hiding damaging information about Joe Biden. That happened. We saw it first hand. We experienced it. You may have too. In August, Facebook banned the pro-Trump Super PAC "Committee to Defend The President" from buying any campaign advertising. Just a few weeks ago, the New York Post published true and accurate details of the Biden family's lucrative overseas influence-peddling operation. Facebook “limited” the “distribution” of this article and Twitter blocked people from posting it. Nothing in those articles was untrue. They censored it anyway, along with any content that was critical of lockdowns and mandatory mask-wearing.

A report from Breitbart alleges that Google suppressed its stories about Joe Biden in the middle of 2020 through election day. Quote: "Clicks and impressions to Breitbart News from 'Joe Biden' Google searches displayed a healthy pattern of activity until the middle of 2020, when they suddenly flatlined. .. The plunge first occurred after a major update to Google’s search algorithm in May 2020."

This is not normal, no matter how much CNN decided to encourage it. Democracy can't survive tampering like this. The Biden campaign knows exactly what happened, and how they benefitted from it. That’s why they’re rewarding their conspirators in Big Tech with even more power. Biden has apparently already hired Jessica Hertz, Facebook's former associate general counsel, as well as Cynthia Hogan, the former Apple vice president for government affairs. Reportedly, Biden is also considering naming Eric Schmidt -- a former Google executive and top Biden donor -- to his technology industry task force in the White House.

If we’re going to have free and fair elections going forward, we need to end Silicon Valley’s total control over information. Period. It’s the first thing we’ve got to do. If voters aren’t allowed to learn critical facts about political candidates, democracy can’t function.

And then we need to understand what happened to the polling. The polls this year were profoundly wrong. They’re pretending otherwise now, but as usual they’re lying. It’s measurable. Pollsters told us Republicans would lose seats in the House last week; they gained several. They told us Joe Biden would crush Donald Trump; he didn't. We aren’t alleging some formal conspiracy. We assume that many pollsters made honest mistakes. On the other hand, nearly all of their mistakes helped Joe Biden. The final Real Clear Politics polling average had Biden up 7.2 percent in the national popular vote. The final Quinnipiac poll said he was up 11 percent. Biden's current lead is at just over 3 percent.

Quinnipiac’s polls weren't just wrong nationally. They were wrong all over the country, and they had an effect. In South Carolina — for example — Quinnipiac released three separate polls showing Lindsey Graham tied with Democrat challenger Jamie Harrison. Harrison was able to raise over $100 million on the basis of that, the most ever for a Senate candidate. Yet he lost the race by 10 percent. In Ohio, Quinnipiac's final poll showed Biden up by 4. Trump won by a little over 4 percent.

None of these errors were limited to one polling outfit. Most of the polls were way off. And research shows that polls influence voting behavior. Effectively, this amounted to voter suppression: When people believe their candidate can’t win — and that’s what the polls told us — they’re less likely to vote for him. One study by researchers at McGill University and the University of Toronto found, quote, "Polls may lead people not to vote for a given party because that party is perceived to be unlikely to win.” Makes sense. Maybe that’s why they did it.

The finally form of election interference came from our public health authorities and the politicians who run our cities. They leveraged the coronavirus pandemic to change the way we vote, in ways they knew would benefit them. They're comfortable admitting that now. In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that politicians would be taking a "new tone" on coronavirus now that Joe Biden is the "president-elect."

In other words, the great orange emergency has passed. It’s party time.Watch thousands of Joe Biden supporters -- including Chuck Schumer himself -- could gather side-by-side, literally sharing wine bottles in the streets. Suddenly the deadly epidemic scares them not at all:

SCHUMER: Now we take Georgia then we change America!

We could go on tonight about what happened in last week’s election, and in future shows we will. But for now, here’s the point: We don’t know how many votes were stolen on Tuesday. We don’t anything about the software some say was rigged. We ought to find out. But here’s what we do know: On a larger level — at the highest levels, actually — our system isn’t fair. It’s not. Sorry. It’s milk bottles at the fair. They knew you were coming. They laughed at you when you left. We wish that weren’t true, but it is. And you’re not crazy for knowing it.
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