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Trump Closing Message: "If I've Done One Thing, It's To Expose The Dishonesty In The Media"


President Trump blasted Democratic rival Joe Biden as corrupt and "bought and paid for" by the communist Chinese during a rally Monday in North Carolina.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: In 2016 North Carolina voted to fire this corrupt political establishment and you elected an outsider as president who is finally putting America first.


And if I don't sound like a typical Washington politician, it's because I'm not a politician. If I don't always play by the rules of the Washington establishment, it's because I was elected to fight for you, and I fight harder than any president has ever fought for his people.


Thank you. Thank you.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Get out and vote. That's all I ask. Just take a little time and vote. We've got to win this state. I think we win this state, we win Pennsylvania, we're going to win Florida. We win Pennsylvania, and you--we're going to win the whole thing. We're going to win the whole thing.


And we'll send them a signal like they've never seen before. This has not happened to them. Big Tech is so powerful. You can't beat Big Tech. They're saying this. And I see it on Twitter, trending, trending, trending, right? It's not trending. They put the most boring thing. Only if it was anything bad about me, number one in the world on trend, right? Boring stuff, I mean like stuff, ugh, as opposed to affairs, scandals. They don't even put that stuff up.

It's always Trump, two, three, four, five items. It's a fix. It's a fix. This is a smart guy. We have his name. Everybody knows who he is. And I'm not talking about the primary. I'm talking about people that work. They take stuff out of it (INAUDIBLE) this is bad about Trump. Let's make it worse, okay? We'll make it worse. Okay, number one trend in the whole world. No, that's not stuff that trends. But these are phony guys. They fix the elections, and you know what, they should be subject to campaign violations because it's--


they're an arm of the Democratic National Committee, and they work together. They work on messaging together. The Democrats, the fake news media, they're the worst. These are fake people. And if I've done one thing, it's to expose the dishonesty in the media.

And not everybody, but a big vast majority, a vast majority, not everybody. Look at this, we catch Hunter and Joe cheating. We catch them stealing millions of dollars. They refuse to write a story. Could you imagine if I got $3.5 million from the mayor of Moscow's wife? Could you imagine? Somebody gave me 3.5 million bucks? Somebody gave me $20--I got--they impeach me because I made a perfect phone call to the head of Ukraine. I never met the gentlemen.

Congratulations on your win. If you see anything corrupt, please call the attorney general of the United States.


And we have a corruption agreement with them because it's been a very corrupt country. I actually have an obligation. Now of course, they impeached before they found out--before I decided to release the phone call. Isn't it lucky that I had that call transcribed? Can you imagine?
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