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FNC's MacCallum vs. Buttigieg Over Calling Trump Rally A "Spreader Event"


Former Mayor Pete Buttigieg joins FNC's Martha MacCallum to discuss Joe Biden's campaign strategy.

MARTHA MACCALLUM, FOX NEWS ANCHOR:  So, joining me now is Pete Buttigieg, Biden campaign surrogate and former mayor of South Bend, Indiana.
Good to have you with us this evening.
We talked at the beginning of the show, Mayor Pete, about the schedule. Obviously, you couldn't have more different schedules. The president is in a different state every three hours, and Joe Biden was in Delaware. We have talked about this before, you and I.
You know, is that the way to do this in the homestretch? And why isn't he getting out there more?
PETE BUTTIGIEG (D), FORMER MAYOR OF SOUTH BEND, INDIANA:  Well, pretty sure he was -- yes, pretty sure he was in Georgia yesterday. He was in Delaware, where he was voting.
MACCALLUM:  That's correct.
BUTTIGIEG:  I think he's coming to Florida soon. And, obviously, his strategy is working, given that the Biden/Harris campaign is pulling ahead.
Now, we're also not taking anything for granted, which is why you're going to continue to see not just Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, but folks like me, out there pounding the ground, because we want to make sure that we get out every vote.
MACCALLUM:  So, just to be clear, the Trump has made -- Trump campaign has made eight stops since Sunday. Today is Wednesday. The Biden campaign stops have been two.
And, as you say, he had -- is going to be back on the road tomorrow. And, as you say, this is a very competitive race, so it may turn out that less is more in this race. We will see. But it's clearly something that all the strategists will be examining.
With regard to the fracking issue and the--
BUTTIGIEG:  Yes, I'm not even sure those visits from Donald Trump are really helping him, though, right?
Like, you look at Omaha--
MACCALLUM:  Maybe, maybe not.
BUTTIGIEG:  -- he left his supporters out freezing in the cold, which is a great metaphor for how he's treated his supporters more generally across the country.
In Arizona, you got a bunch of people in a rally that has the potential to be a spreader event, which kind of symbolizes his inability to lead us out of this pandemic, because he doesn't seem to care for the health and safety of his supporters.
MACCALLUM:  Yes, we have heard that line a lot. I mean, it's fine. It may or may not be.
BUTTIGIEG:  So, I don't think these events are really helping him.
MACCALLUM:  And, like I said, we will see whose strategy turns out to be the right one.
MACCALLUM:  It may be that, in this environment, it's better to do less and stay home more. So, we will see.
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