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Bobulinski: How "Big Guy" Joe Biden Would Personally Benefit From A Stake In A Chinese Business Deal


Former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski told Tucker Carlson he is "1000%" certain that "Big Guy" stands for Joe Biden in leaked documents.

TONY BOBULINSKI, FMR. HUNTER BIDEN BUSINESS PARTNER: I want to simplify this for the American people as much as I can. On May 13th, that email was sent from James Gilliar to me. I didn’t generate that email. James Gilliar generated that email.
And in that email, James Gilliar goes through intimate detail of what each individual’s requests were from a compensation perspective and how the equity in the enterprise would be divvied up. Very important -- May 13th, that email was generated by somebody else to me.
In that email, there’s a statement where they go through the equity; Jim Biden’s referenced as you know 10 percent, doesn’t say Biden it says Jim. And then it has 10 percent for the big guy held by H.
I one thousand percent sit here and know that the big guy is referencing Joe Biden. That’s crystal clear to me because I lived it. I met with the former vice president in person multiple times, and I had been meeting and talking with Hunter Biden and Jim Biden and Rob Walker and James Gilliar.
What the media’s tried to hide and I personally feel it’s disgusting, is between that May13th email and the final document that was executed called Oneida Holdings, LLC.
In Oneida Holdings, LLC, the equity is broken up 20 percent Hunter Biden, 20 percent Jim Biden. There are LLCs that represented them.
BOBULINSKI: Twenty percent James Gilliar; 20 percent Rob Walker and 20 percent me and my investment entity.
What I’d ask the American people to read and look at is how from May 13th to the final Oneida document that got executed, did Jim Biden go from a 10 percent owner to a 20 percent owner? That’s not my question to answer. I’m sure there were discussions within the Biden family. I wasn’t privy to that discussion.
But this is Jim Biden, the brother of the potential future president of the United States. It’s not a distant cousin. It’s not an employee; it’s his brother, who in documents defines himself as a political advisor to his brother.
And so, I’ll leave that to the American people to answer that. But I don’t understand how the American journalist is allowing that gap to be even talked about and defined.
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