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Trafalgar Group Pollster Robert Cahaly: Polls Overlooking "Shy" Trump Supporters


Trafalgar Group Chief Pollster Robert Cahaly who accurately predicted the 2016 presidential election claims President Trump will win again in 2020.

ROBERT CAHALY: It seems rather strange to me they haven't learned any lessons.

They say they corrected things. That is nonsense -- about adjusting their sample for education weighting, yet when we have -- again in place in Florida, in the Gilliam-DeSantis race, last year, 2018, they were all wrong again. We were the only ones right too.

PETE HEGSETH: The governor's race in Florida. Take one place in Michigan. It has Trafalgar race in Michigan, president up 1%. "Real Clear Politics" the famous aggregator, has the president down eight points. That is a nine-point gap. You have a strong Senate candidate there in John James. When you look at a race like that in particular, are you confident that the president's ahead there right now?

ROBERT CAHALY: You know I really am. I look at three factors. One, there is a lot of folks who are absolutely enthralled with John James as a candidate. He is also kind of, coming in as an outsider which makes his message mesh very well -- giving some strength to the ticket. Also, we can't, there is no one that Trump can be more appreciative of than Gretchen Whitmer because she is single-handedly created environment where people in Michigan -- want to get back to business and that is also an advantage for the president there. Pete: yeah.

HEGSETH: A lot of key contrasts there in Michigan. Listen, I for one hope your polling is correct. I think people should be paying a lot of attention to it as opposedto dismissing it.
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