Luntz Focus Group Pans 2020 Presidential Town Halls: "Saddening," "Chaos," "Boring," "Disaster" | Video | RealClearPolitics

Luntz Focus Group Pans 2020 Presidential Town Halls: "Saddening," "Chaos," "Boring," "Disaster"


Pollster Frank Luntz hosted a virtual focus group following the dueling ABC vs. NBC presidential town halls with Joe Biden and Donald Trump on Thursday evening. They were not impressed.

"I feel like Joe Biden is an empty suit," one PA voter said. "You can pour whatever policies someone else has into him and he'll say, 'Oh yeah, great, let's move on.' Whereas Trump has an idea of what he wants to do, he just doesn't know how to do it. That's really hard to decide between for me."

"I grew up a lifelong Republican -- my parents were Reagan Republicans, George W. Bush, it would be unthinkable for me to not vote Republican in my family," an OH voter said. "And my husband is a liberal Democrat. We own a small business and we have totally switched sides. He says if we vote for Joe Biden, we are going to lose a lot of our personal wealth because of some of the policies he would like to enact, however socially, we differ on those issues. It is really difficult to have to choose between your own livelihood and how you want the country to go."
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