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Trump: I Have Denounced White Supremacy For Years; "Hesitant? Here We Go Again..."


President Trump argues with NBC News’ Savannah Guthrie about white supremacy at Thursday night's town hall.

GUTHRIE: -- so let’s drop it for now.

We were supposed to as mentioned be watching you on a debate stage right now. We’re not doing that so let’s clear up a few things from the last one. You were asked point blank to denounce white supremacy. In the moment you didn’t. You asked some follow-up questions. Who specifically? A couple of days later on a different show--

TRUMP: Oh, you always do this.

GUTHRIE: -- you denounced white supremacy.

TRUMP: No, you always do this.

GUTHRIE: My question to you is--

TRUMP: You’ve done this to me and everybody--

GUTHRIE: -- why does it seem like--

TRUMP: I denounced white supremacy, OK?

GUTHRIE: You did two days layer.

TRUMP: I denounced white supremacy for years but you always do it. You always start off with a question.


TRUMP: You didn’t ask Joe Biden whether or not he denounces Antifa. I watched him on the same basic show with Lester Holt, and he was asking questions like Biden was a child.

GUTHRIE: Well -- so, this is a little bit--

TRUMP: So, are you ready--

GUTHRIE: -- of a dodge.

TRUMP: Are you listening? I denounce white supremacy.


TRUMP: What’s your next question?

GUTHRIE: Do you feel -- it feels sometimes you’re hesitant to do so like you--

TRUMP: Hesitant?

GUTHRIE: -- wait a beat.

TRUMP: Here we go again. Every time, in fact -- but people came (ph), I’m sure they’ll ask you the white supremacy question. I denounce white supremacy.


TRUMP: And frankly, you want to know something, I denounce Antifa and I denounce these people on the left that are burning down our cities that are run by Democrats who don’t know--

GUTHRIE: All right. While we’re--

TRUMP: -- what they’re doing.

GUTHRIE: -- denouncing let me ask you about QAnon. It is this theory that Democrats are a satanic pedophile ring, and that you are the savior of that. Now can you just once and for all state that that is completely not true and that--

TRUMP: So, I only--

GUTHRIE: -- this about QAnon --


GUTHRIE: -- in its entirety.

TRUMP: I know nothing about QAnon.

GUTHRIE: I just told you.

TRUMP: I know very little -- you told me but what you tell me doesn’t necessarily make it fact. I hate to say that. I know nothing about it. I do know they are very much against pedophilia. They fight it very hard. But I know nothing about it.

GUTHRIE: They believe it is a satanic--

TRUMP: If you’d like me to--

GUTHRIE: -- cult ran by the D state--

TRUMP: -- study the subject -- I’ll tell you what I do know about. I know about Antifa and I know about the radical left and I know how violent they are and how vicious they are. And I know how they are burning down cities run by Democrats not run by Republicans.
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