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Full Replay: President Trump On Coronavirus Stimulus, Biden, Social Media Censorship On Stuart Varney


President Donald Trump’s interview this morning on FOX Business Network’s "Varney & Co." with host Stuart Varney:



STUART VARNEY, FOX BUSINESS HOST: We now have the president on the line, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. Mr. President, welcome to the program. It’s great to see you, sir.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, thank you. I like Brian, I agree with Brian a hundred percent.

VARNEY: Now, let me talk stimulus. You’ve offered $1.8 trillion. That’s your package. And you said you want to go big. Will you raise your offer above $1.8 trillion?

TRUMP: I would because, look, this was not caused by our workers and our people. This was caused by China, and China will pay us back in one form or another. And the money is coming back anyway. I would, absolutely, I would. I would pay more. I would go higher.

VARNEY: Will you call -- would you call Speaker Pelosi?

TRUMP: Go big or go home, I said it yesterday. Go big or go home. But Nancy Pelosi doesn't want to give anything. She thinks it helps her with the election and I don't think so. I think it hurts her with the election because everyone knows she’s holding it up. We're not holding it up. She is holding it up.

VARNEY: Would you pick up the phone and call Speaker Pelosi with a higher offer?

TRUMP: Sure, I would, but it’s -- I know my people, I know life, she’s got a lot of problems, she’s got a lot of mental problems. And it’s going to be very hard to do anything with her. She wants to wait until after the election. She thinks it hurts the Republicans. And I don't, I think it hurts them. But -- and we're doing well. I think we're going to have a fantastic third quarter.

The numbers are going to come out right before the election, but it’s not fair. You look at the airlines, and we've got a lot of money sitting here that we can do. All we need is a vote. It’s already -- it’s not even new money, it’s sitting here, billions sitting here waiting to go but she doesn't want to do anything --

VARNEY: Can you do separate stimulus packages for the -- can you do a separate --

TRUMP: -- and Steve has not been successful in convincing her to do it. And that's, you know, that's OK.

VARNEY: Can you do a separate stimulus, like just for the airlines or hotels?

TRUMP: Well, I’d like to take the money that's here and we’re looking at that, take the money we already have and use it in some form and not have to go through the craziness of the radical left because we're dealing with radical left people. They’ve lost their minds.

VARNEY: At this point, do you expect to get a stimulus package of any kind before the election?

TRUMP: I think there’s a chance, I do, because I think there’s a lot of pressure on Pelosi. They have a lot of sane people in the Democrat Party, and I really think that she’s being – she -- at some point, she might very well tell you, hey, look, I got to do this. She -- they’ve got a lot of pressure on them. The Republicans are willing to do it. I’d like to see more money because it comes back. It’s going to come back anyway.

VARNEY: So you’re waiting for a call from Speaker Pelosi?

TRUMP: And we're going to take it from China. I’ll tell you right now. It’s coming out of China. They're the ones that caused this problem.

VARNEY: How is it going to work then, a -- how is it -- how would it work? If they are responsible for it, they’ve caused it, how will you get money out of them to compensate?

TRUMP: Well, there’s a lot of ways, OK? There’s a lot of ways, and I’ll figure every one of them out. I already have them figured out. You know, we’ve taken billions and billions of dollars over the last couple years from China. I gave $28 billion to the farmers because they were targeted by China. Put a lot of money into the treasury.

And China paid for it. They devalued their currency. So they -- a lot of people like to say, oh, but China didn't pay. Well, China did pay, actually. They devalued their currency, and they pumped more money in.

VARNEY: You sound well and feisty, Mr. President.

TRUMP: What they did to us is not acceptable. And the world, not acceptable.

VARNEY: You sound -- you sound well and feisty. You feeling OK?

TRUMP: I feel good, yes. I went -- I went through the process. It's -- you know, we got to do it, Stuart, right. Some things you have to do. And that's the way it is. And they ought to open up the states. That’s the other thing with the Democrats, maybe more important. Open up the states.

You know, we're winning a lot of lawsuits about that. Michigan, she has to open up. She wants to be a dictator in Michigan, and the people can't stand her. And they want to get back and want to get back to work and so Michigan, we won. Pennsylvania, we won. You look at Pennsylvania -- North Carolina is moving along. They got to open them up. They'll open them up on November 4th. They're only doing it for politics.

VARNEY: OK, all right.

TRUMP: But the schools have to open. The businesses have to open. Despite that, we're going have a great third quarter.

VARNEY: Now, we've been reporting this second wave in Europe. And it is quite dramatic, and they've engaged in a new series of lockdowns in various countries, London, Paris and France and England -- et cetera, et cetera. What happens if you get a big spike in cases in the United States? And cases are rising, what would you do here (ph)?

TRUMP: Right. We're not doing anymore lockdowns, and we're doing fine. We had Florida, we had a spike and the governor did a great job, DeSantis. And we had a spike in Arizona, the governor did a great job. Spike in Texas, you know, they're down very low now.

We're not doing any shutdowns. No, we learned about the disease, young people, 99.9 percent, right? They're in great shape. Strong immune systems. The younger the better, it’s hard to believe. But, yes, like Barron, my son had it. It was like, he had it and it was gone. It was -- we said wow, that was quick, you know. They have good, strong, immune systems.

VARNEY: How -- he’s OK now?

TRUMP: Say it?

VARNEY: Barron is OK now?

TRUMP: Barron's great. Yes. No, he had it though. You know, we reported it the other day. And --

VARNEY: And the First Lady?

TRUMP: He went very quickly. He just -- he's young and he's strong and you know, it's like different than if you're an older person and you weigh a little too much and you have bad hearts and bad other things, diabetes is very bad. It sort of -- horrible disease. Hits those people hard. I lost five friends. But we also now have, you know, the vaccines are coming out. But we have therapeutics. It’s really amazing, actually.

VARNEY: Are you tested every day?

TRUMP: Say it, what?

VARNEY: Are you tested every day?

TRUMP: I'm tested, not every day but I'm tested a lot. I was really tested a lot after I got rid of it because they wanted to make sure and I was tested a lot. I said, how many tests do I have to take? But the doctors did a great job. Regeneron is a great company. It's amazing. I think -- I think it really helped me. And I viewed it as a cure, not as a therapeutic. You know, they call it a therapeutic. I think it was a cure and but --

VARNEY: (Inaudible).

TRUMP: -- or -- and maybe I would have been better without something, I don't know. But I can tell you, Regeneron, I took it, and I think it was fantastic. I think it was fantastic. The antibodies. So, all I know is I was in and, you know, I didn't exactly feel great. I haven't been sick in a long time. I didn't feel great and within a day I wanted to, I felt like superman. I wanted to get out, so it was great.

VARNEY: You really want to open up the economy in the United States?

TRUMP: Yes, I do.

VARNEY: But the lockdowns are the result of state action. It will be the Democrat governors of California, New York, Illinois, New Jersey and Connecticut, they’re the ones who are going to lock down.

TRUMP: Yes, well, they're doing it for political reasons.

VARNEY: Yes, but they’re going to do it.

TRUMP: And there are places that have done badly. You know, New York has been the worst in the whole country, 40,000 deaths. New York has done very badly. He's done a bad job, really bad job, Cuomo.

And he writes books like he is supposed to be doing a good job. We had more deaths -- if you take New York and a couple of places, I mean, you look at our numbers are incredible but you take New York out, we have numbers that nobody can even compete with it, New York, a couple of places.

But no, New York, what he has done with the nursing homes is so sad to see. At least 11,000 people dead that shouldn't be. And I gave him a ship and I gave him a convention center, 2,800 beds and he never used them. I said, why don't you move people into the Javits Convention Center?

He never -- he never did it. He just -- was incompetent, something happened. They're incompetent. They didn't do it. He didn’t know what he was doing.

VARNEY: Can I move onto Hunter --

TRUMP: And he wanted it so badly. He wanted the Javits Center. We went in, the Army Corps of Engineers, Stuart, built it so well and so fast and then he never used it. You know, it’s very sad.

VARNEY: Can I move onto Hunter Biden, Joe Biden? We’ve got this “New York Post” article yesterday.

TRUMP: Right.

VARNEY: Linking Hunter Biden to Joe Biden to a Burisma official, and today you've got -- you got a link between the Bidens and China, alleging that the Bidens took millions from China. And yet the media is not covering this at all and social media is blocking coverage. How can you get the word out there? You cannot be absolutely sure that this is not a setup.

TRUMP: Joe Biden is a totally corrupt politician. He has been all his life.

VARNEY: Can you be absolutely sure it’s not a setup?

TRUMP: He has been all his life.

VARNEY: Sorry, Mr. President. Can you be --

TRUMP: He has been all his life, Stuart. He’s a corrupt politician.

VARNEY: Can you be sure that it’s not a set up?

TRUMP: Oh, I don’t know what setup is. Look, they have the guy’s laptop. Hey, Hunter was a disaster. Hunter didn’t have a job. Hunter got thrown out of the military. You know why he got thrown out, OK?

He was thrown out of the military, didn’t have a job, didn’t have anything, his father becomes VP, and then Hunter starts making millions and millions of dollars a year. And the father gets some of that too, OK? You check him out. If he went through a Mueller investigation like I did they would’ve found -- how about me?

I go through a Mueller investigation, $48 million, no collusion, no nothing. Put him through a Mueller investigation. They’d find -- in day one, 24 hours they’d found out. Look at the way he lives, Joe Biden, and take a look at his brother. His brother building a development in Iraq, he never built before, a big one.

The whole thing is insane. But Joe Biden is a corrupt politician. I’ve been saying it for a long time and everybody in Washington knows it. And the mainstream media doesn’t want to cover it. They put this story on page A17 of “The New York Times” and they took a lot of the teeth out of it.



VARNEY: Well, the --

TRUMP: This is a front page story. He’s a corrupt politician.

VARNEY: Social media has blocked Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany from tweeting -- from reporting this and tweeting about it. And yet --


VARNEY: -- the chief executives of these big social media companies, Facebook, Twitter and Google, they’ll be appearing before Congress on October the 28th before the election. Are you going to press them to have their liability imposed upon them for what they publish? Make them into publishers (ph)?

TRUMP: Well, if you get rid of Section 230, that’s the end of them. And --

VARNEY: Exactly. Is that what you want?

TRUMP: We are looking at a lot of things, yes. When they take down a Kayleigh McEnany, who’s a -- just an honorable, you know her very well, she’s an incredible person.

When they start doing that, when they don’t want to put up the Biden story, when they write a story like in “The Washington Post” today, they wrote a story that Joe Biden -- listen to this -- that Joe Biden never said about the billion dollars, he’s on tape saying it. I don’t know who wrote that story.

But he said if you don’t get rid of the prosecutor, you’re not getting a billion dollars. He said it. He’s on tape. And they’re trying to say that he never said it. The whole thing is crazy, OK?

VARNEY: You do know, sir --

TRUMP: It’s crazy.

VARNEY: -- that the Trump campaign Twitter account is locked as well.

TRUMP: Well, I haven’t heard that but if it is, it is. But it’s going to all end up in a big lawsuit, and there are things that can happen that are very severe --

VARNEY: But --


TRUMP: -- that I’d rather not see happen but it’s probably going to have to. It’s out of control. And it’s like a third arm, maybe a first arm of the DNC. Twitter and Facebook, they’re all -- they’re like -- really it’s a massive campaign contribution. This is a third arm of the DNC, the radical left movement. And that’s the biggest problem our country has.

It’s not with the right, it’s with the left. The radical left is the biggest - Antifa and that scum is the thing that’s hurting our country.

And not in Republican areas, by the way, with Republicans but almost 25 out of 25 cities and states are run by radical left where they’re run by radical left, those are your high crime, whether it’s New York, which has gone through the roof. The statistics that Cuomo is doing a job there it’s so bad.

It’s so bad. I think his political career has to be finished because you can’t have numbers that he’s putting up where certain types of crime are up 250 percent. And he’s helped along by the mayor, in all fairness, but --


TRUMP: -- the mayor, I guess he’s going to go on to greener pastures pretty soon.

VARNEY: Are we going to see some more -- more documents coming out soon?

TRUMP: But it’s a very sad thing that happens, Stuart. Very sad.

VARNEY: Are we going to see some more documents coming out soon? We’re told that you’re going to declassify everything. What are we going to see?

TRUMP: Well, I’m declassifying everything, yes. I’m declassifying.

VARNEY: What are we going to see and when are we going to see it.

TRUMP: It’s sort of amazing the way they don’t want to release anything before the election because they don’t want to interfere with the election.

But with me it was OK that they tried to -- that they didn’t try, that they spied on my election, tried to overthrow the presidency and despite that, I’ve done more in three and a half years than any other presidency in the history of our country.

And nobody even challenges me on that. But it’s OK for me to have to be spied on and ripped off and defrauded by these thieves. But they don’t want to affect the election because the Republicans play a very much nicer game.

Look, we have some warriors but we -- some great warriors, Jim Jordan and some of them but think of it. They don’t want to affect the election, so let’s wait until after. Well, some of the people that are running are very much implicated in the stuff they’re looking at, so why should they get a free pass because it took too long to do the investigation?

If you look at the Horowitz Report, like 78 pages on Comey, who was a corrupt person, very corrupt. You look at worst -- the worst, I mean, they talk J. Edgar Hoover, this guy was worse, just not as smart. J. Edgar Hoover was smart, this one’s a dummy.

But if you look at Comey and you look at what he did so bad, he lied, he leaked, he lied before Congress, he lied before Senator Grassley in Congress, he cut everything. And if you look at the Horowitz Report, and I have a lot of respect for Horowitz, he was appointed by Obama but I’ve a lot of respect for him. He did a report on Comey that was so bad that even “The New York Times” said wow. They couldn’t believe it. They wrote a thing on him, it was incredible.

And they haven’t pursued that. Why haven’t they pursued it? I read that report. I don’t get a chance to read too much of that because I’m reading a lot of other things, like we’ve rebuilt our military, and we’ve done things that nobody -- the biggest tax cuts ever, you know that better an anybody, biggest regulation cuts. I have a lot of things to do.

But you know what? When you read that Comey report done by Inspector General Horowitz, it was so devastating, and we had that for a year, more than a year.


TRUMP: Why didn’t they do something about that?

VARNEY: Well, whilst we’re talking about tax cuts.

TRUMP: And even “The New York Times” says one of the worst things they’ve ever read. You have to see the -- in all fairness to “The New York Times,” you’ve got to see what they wrote about it.


TRUMP: And then they want to wait until after the election to be nice? It’s a -- it’s a sad -- you know, it’s very sad. It’s -- actually it’s pathetic.

VARNEY: Can we ask you about the tax cuts that you put in place?

TRUMP: Yeah.

VARNEY: After the election, if you win. What kind of tax cuts would we get, if you win, if you get a second term?

TRUMP: OK. Well, number one, Biden wants to increase your taxes, including the middle class, and he wants to get rid of the tax cuts that we’ve given to the middle class. And already you’re talking about at minimum $2,000 and that doesn’t include the thousand dollar child tax credit.

And it doesn’t include energy which is $3,000 or $4,000 a family because if you play the energy game like they want to do, you’re not going to have any. You’re going to have brown outs like they have in California all over the country, you won’t have gasoline for your car and, you know, they’ve got this thing they’d like to go one car per family and make it all electric and the whole thing is crazy. The whole thing is out of control.

So, we’re now energy independent. But if you add energy to it, Stuart, you’re talking about $6,000, $7,000, $8,000 per family that they’ve saved with me. And you see the numbers. I’ve done more in three years in terms of making a lot of money for people, middle income people than they’ve done in eight years times many times that. And for African-American, for Hispanic-American, for Asian-American, nobody’s ever done like we’ve done.

VARNEY: What middle class tax cuts would you put in?

TRUMP: And we’ve now got, in the world, we’ve got the fastest growing economy. We’ve been affected less by the pandemic than any other major country in the world.

VARNEY: Well, what middle class tax cuts would you --

TRUMP: And you saw that number came out two days ago.

VARNEY: Which middle class tax --

TRUMP: And we’re growing back faster, you know, we’re growing back very fast. You’re going to see some great numbers, I really predict. I don’t know them, just so -- make that straight, I don’t -- but you’re going to see some great numbers. I mean, predictions of 25 percent GDP increase, that was a Fed prediction, think Atlanta. You’re going to see some fantastic numbers and we have the possibility of having a better year next year than we had last year, which was the best year we ever had.

VARNEY: Well, what tax cuts would you put in place? I’m sorry.

TRUMP: So we have a lot things but if some guy that has no clue where is, he’s lost it totally.

VARNEY: Can you tells us, Mr. President, can you tell us, which taxes you would cut if you get a second term?

TRUMP: Middle income, income tax. We’re talking about income taxes for the middle income people. May bring down the 21 percent down to 20, even number, but the big tax for me is going to be the middle -- and we’ve given that a lot, you know, a lot of people -- we didn’t get enough credit for it, frankly, because we don’t get enough credit for anything, frankly.

You know, we’ve done a great job in so many things, including COVID or the China virus because what we’ve done has been incredible and you’ll see that very soon with the vaccines that are coming out, and you’ll see it with Regeneron and some of these drugs. We’re going to be providing Regeneron all over the country very shortly at no cost.

VARNEY: At no cost?

TRUMP: Yes. At no cost.

VARNEY: That’s Lilly’s product and Regeneron’s product, no cost.

TRUMP: Because it wasn’t the people’s fault that the plague came in. It was China’s fault.

VARNEY: OK. We’re going to get a vaccine --

TRUMP: It kept it -- from coming into China from spreading in China and I will say --

VARNEY: Are we going to get a vaccine tested and distributed this year before Christmas, say?

TRUMP: Yes. In fact, except for politics, I think it would have been even sooner than that. It would have before the election and might still be a little bit. But -- but no, there’s a lot of politics and with that I’ll say this. The FDA has approved things at a rate that nobody thought possible. This would be years before.

Look how badly Biden handled -- I mean, he was so bad in handling the Swine flu, H1N1. Which he reverses, he can’t get it right, he can’t remember that -- I said, Joe, the H comes first before the N. But the H1N1 Swine flu and he was so bad, it was pathetic. His chief of staff said it was so badly handled, it was so -- and it was a much -- it was much less lethal -- much less lethal disease.

But many, many, many people died that shouldn’t have. He was so pathetic. And they said he was bad. And then this comes along and he’s trying to tell us what a wonderful job he’d do. He wouldn’t have done a wonderful job because he wouldn’t have done the ban on China. I did the ban months earlier. He had -- he ultimately admitted I was right. But that was months later.

So, you know, we saved a lot of people. We would have lost 2.2 -- was projected -- 2.2 million and one person is too many, but let’s say we’re at 210,000. But we would have lost 2.2 -- it was projected at 2.2 million people.

VARNEY: OK. Would you get a vaccine for every American by yearend or just essential workers? Who would get it first?

TRUMP: Well, I’d get it to essential workers and older people. I don’t believe I’d ever do a mandated vaccine. Because I just don’t think I will -- would be in -- I just don’t think I would do that, where you have to have it. Because there are some people feel very strongly about that whole situation.

And we’re going to have -- there’s -- like I have immunity now and I don’t know, they -- I hear from anywhere from four months to a lifetime. Sort of interesting, as soon as I beat it they said, no, he’s only immune for four months. I said, well, I always heard for a lifetime but that’s OK. If it was anybody else -- hey, Stuart, if it was you, they’d say, yes, he’s immune for his lifetime.

But with me they say four months. They want to make it look as bad as possible. I will say this, having gone through it. And you know, I’m the president of this country. I can’t sit in a basement and not see anybody for a year. I just can’t do that. So I was out and I was around, and I had no choice. And I always said this is risky, you know, I’m out and it’s risky every time you go into a room full of people, you say I wonder if I caught it.

And I was doing well and then one day I got a reading, a positive reading. And -- I mean positive in a negative sense, right, sounds sort of strange but positive in a negative sense. And I had it and didn’t feel great. And I got it -- great doctors over at Walter Reed and Johns Hopkins.

And one thing when you’re president, you have no lack of doctors. I was surrounded. I had more doctors, more talent around that bed. But I beat it and I beat it quickly. It went fast. And people are amazed because, you know, I was in Pennsylvania, Florida, we had 41,000 people in Florida. We had a lot of people in Pennsylvania like 25, 30,000. Last night I was in Iowa and it was incredible.

VARNEY: Well, a lot of people are criticizing you for these rallies.

TRUMP: And I feel very good.

VARNEY: A lot of people are --

TRUMP: Say it?

VARNEY: A lot people are criticizing you for these rallies. Huge crowds, thousands of people pretty close together, not wearing masks. They’re calling you a spreader. Not you, but the rallies a --


VARNEY: -- spreader of the virus. How do you react to that?

TRUMP: Well, Joe doesn’t have any rallies because nobody shows up to his rallies. So he doesn’t have the same problem. But what I do is outside is a big thing. And if you look at those, people, they really are wearing masks. I’ll tell you, I looked last night in Iowa; there were many, many people wearing masks. But then you see CDC comes out with a statement that 85 percent of the people wearing masks catch it. Did you see that yesterday? They came out -- what’s that all about?

And you know --

VARNEY: So you just want to open up, right? I mean you don’t want these restrictions --

TRUMP: Got to open up.

VARNEY: -- open up as fast as possible --

TRUMP: Yes, got to open up.

VARNEY: -- and take the risk. You accept that there is risk in opening up?

TRUMP: Well, there is risk -- there’s a bigger risk if you close. Look, suicide, alcoholism, beatings, you take a look at what’s going on with these closed -- where they closed up Michigan, how horrible it’s been. The only one that was allowed to work in Michigan was her husband. He was allowed to go boating, right. You know, the governor’s husband, he was the only one allowed. He was the guy that could do it.

But you take a look at what happened in Michigan. Look at -- look at what’s going on in these places. Look at New York, what they’ve done to New York. Everyone’s leaving. They’re all leaving. These lockdowns and the crime that it’s caused.

But you look at depression and you look at alcoholism, you look at drug use and I said these -- I think I was the one -- first one, it just seemed to make sense. The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself.

VARNEY: You know, I'm a New Yorker now, and you're a New Yorker from way back and we look outside the window of our studios here in midtown Manhattan and the place is deserted.

TRUMP: It's like death.

VARNEY: We’re not getting any –



VARNEY: -- back till June, the restaurants are closed and failing. When do you think New York City might return to the way it used to be? I mean, are we talking many, many years? What’s your opinion?

TRUMP: Well, a lot of people are leaving New York because Cuomo has done a terrible job with taxes. He's taxed everybody through the roof. And people are leaving because economically they can't stay. They can't stay. I mean, all you do in New York is you get taxed and you get investigated and they take an investigation where you go through for years and then they kept it in -- and you win in Washington and you win all over the place. Then they send the papers to New York, it’s all politics.

It a disgrace, I'll tell you, New York is a disgrace. And that is a place that I love, but Cuomo's ran it -- run it into the gutter.

VARNEY: But you do know that --

TRUMP: He's done a terrible job. Look, I can rate the governors, because ultimately, the governors are the ones that run -- we got them the material, we got them the ventilators, which nobody else could have produced. We got them a lot of things, but I can tell you the governors, some governors did a great job and some governors didn't.

VARNEY: You do know that Joe Biden, if he wins the election, is reportedly considering Governor Cuomo to be attorney general?

TRUMP: Well, that's fine. Let him pick whoever he wants. I mean, you know, he can pick whoever he wants.

VARNEY: Elizabeth Warren for Treasury Secretary?

TRUMP: You’re going to have a group of beauties. Look what she did with the credit union. I mean, look what she did, she destroyed people. So, you could just imagine. I'll tell you what, people better hope he doesn't win because if he wins -- first of all, he's going to have nothing to do with it because he is shot, he's mentally shot. Everybody knows it. And he's going have nothing to do with it. It's going to be run by other people who are vicious and smart and radical left and Antifa.

VARNEY: When I walked in this morning, Mr. President, I saw the “Wall Street Journal” poll, which puts Joe Biden 11 points nationally ahead of you.


VARNEY: There’s an awful lot of people who are saying, look, they're not so much voting for Joe Biden as voting against you. Because sometimes they don't like the language you use, they don't like your terminology, they don’t like your tone. What do you say about that?

TRUMP: Well, the polls were wrong last time, and they're more wrong this time. Oh, these polls are much better than I had last time. Last time I was down in nine states, I ended up winning all nine of them.

And you know, it’s like, he's going to lose this one, that one. I mean, we're up in Florida, we're up in Iowa. I think we're up in a lot of different places, Stuart, a lot of different places that -- I think we're doing great in Pennsylvania, we're doing great in North Carolina, we're doing really good in Michigan. No, we're doing great. I think we're going to have a big victory.

They're fake polls. They over -- they over poll the Democrats. I mean, we had one poll, like 22 percent more Democrats than Republicans. I say, what's that all about? They’ll say Trump is five down, and then they put on the bottom, I think they have a legal requirement, that's why, because I don't even understand why they put it, but they'll say that they over polled Democrats by 20 percent, 25 percent.

And I say, what's that all about? So if you're five down, you're actually 10 up. But look, we won our last election, and this is easier because I've done so much. Nobody has done what we've done, Stuart, with the tax cuts and with the regulation cuts and rebuilt the military and choice for the vets. And accountability for the vets, a 91 percent approval rating with the vets.


TRUMP: Nobody's done what we've done. We'll see, you know, can only do what you can do but there's never been an administration that's done so much so well.


TRUMP: And the other administration was a corrupt administration. And you see that with Biden. I mean, he's getting a pass. If he had the same press that we have to go through, he'd be out of office -- he would have never been vice president, frankly. But they don't, they protect him. I mean think of it, A17 in “The New York Times” and the story's all watered down.

VARNEY: The latest revelations --

TRUMP: And it’s really -- it’s a really -- the media in our country is the enemy of our people, remember that. It is the enemy of our people.

VARNEY: Well, “The New York Post”, the latest revelations that are out today, suggest that China provided a great deal of money to the Biden family.

TRUMP: That’s right (ph).

VARNEY: I think it's like $3 million, I think that's the number. Does that revelation and that charge, does that change our relationship with China? And does it change China if Joe Biden wins, do they have something on Joe Biden that they can exploit?

TRUMP: Number one, yes, but more importantly, if China wins, if – because if -- when he wins, China wins. So, if China wins, I'll tell you what, they will own this country. You let Biden win -- because that's big win for China, that's all they want is for Biden to win. All they're focused on is Biden. And you can tell these clowns that are always looking and investigating and everything else, the ballots are a big problem for our country because they can be reproduced a lot easier than breaking into computer sites.

The fake ballots that everybody is talking about all over the world. It’s so crazy what’s going on. I mean every day, not a day goes by where you don't see large masses of ballots that are missing and fraudulent, thrown away and found in garbage cans and dumpsters. I mean, look at what’s going on.

VARNEY: When was the last time you talked to Xi Jinping?

TRUMP: I have not spoken to him in a while because I don't want to speak to him. And yet they're ordering, you know, I have a trade deal and the ink wasn't dry before this thing came in, and I haven't spoken to him in awhile. Not looking to speak to him right now. And, you know, we cut our deficit very substantially with him.

We were getting ready to do the big thing, and then this came in, the plague came in from China. They could have stopped it. But the plague came in from China, and it changed things around, including our relationship.

VARNEY: And he’s not reached out to you?

TRUMP: I don't want to comment on that, but they want to talk. Look, they made the biggest order of corn in history last week. They made the biggest order of soybean. I just left farm country. They love me. They love me. But the reason they did is because they know, and they think I’m going to win, by the way, just so you understand.

VARNEY: How do you know that, sir?

TRUMP: But they will do everything possible that Biden --

VARNEY: How do you know that they think you’re going to win?

TRUMP: -- because if Biden -- I’ll tell you, look, it’s very simple. If Biden wins, China will own the United States, and I turned it all around and you know that better than anybody. In 2019, if you go back 10 years, everybody projected 2019 the economy of China was going to be bigger than the U.S., except it didn't happen because I got elected and I turned it the opposite way.

We were picking up much more than them. And then I did the no dumping steel, and I did tariffs, and I did everything on them. No, no, they want Sleepy Joe to win. And if he does, if Sleepy Joe wins, China will own the United States.

VARNEY: OK. You’ve got a town hall tonight with NBC.

TRUMP: Yes. I’m sure that’ll be fair.

VARNEY: Well, how are you going to handle the likely hostility? And by the way, 100 NBC actors, producers, they're protesting the network's decision to host you at the town hall tonight.


VARNEY: They’re going to be hostile. Well, will you have the same tone?

TRUMP: You know, the only thing is it's a different audience.

VARNEY: Will you have the same tone as you had in the first debate?

TRUMP: The people of your audience, they like me.

VARNEY: I know, but will you have the same tone -- when you're faced with hostility, will you have the same tone, the aggressive tone, that you had in the first debate?

TRUMP: Well, you don't change. I think I won the first debate. According to most people, I won it. But then what happens is, you have to understand, I was debating him, he’s easy and Chris Wallace. And every time I said something, like I said why did the Mayor of Moscow's wife give you $3.5 million? Chris Wallace didn't like the question.

I said, why did you pay or just -- you know, with America money, why did you say you're not giving a billion dollars unless they get rid of the prosecutor from your son and your son's company? Chris Wallace wouldn't let him answer the question. He was choking. He couldn't have answered those questions. Chris Wallace protected him.

VARNEY: Mr. President, in defense of my colleague --

TRUMP: So I was against -- I lost a lot of respect for Chris Wallace, but I do love -- I loved his father and his father liked me.

VARNEY: In defense of Chris Wallace, my colleague, I would say that you didn't make his job any easier. You did interrupt a lot.

TRUMP: I did because what Biden was saying was all false stuff. He was saying I said something on the graves of soldiers. Nobody respects the fallen soldier or the living soldier more than me. They made it up. It was an anonymous source. I had 25 people refute it. It didn't make any difference.

And that’s when I said the gloves have to come off anyway. So he was going through all these phony stories, just phony little -- and I interrupted because if you don't interrupt, people are going to believe it. So, you know, it’s just the way it is. Hey, look, I’ve had many people said I won it, but some people said I was rude but you have to be rude.

The guy's a liar, he’s a liar and he’s a corrupt politician. Joe Biden is a totally corrupt politician. All you have to do is look at the son's server. I can't believe they found his laptop. It’s incredible. But all you -- but you don't even need that. You didn't have to -- you didn’t need that.

They would never question him on the $3.5 million from Moscow. Where the -- why did the kid get $3.5 million from Moscow and then Russia gets Crimea, OK? That was during Obama, that wasn't during me. They get Crimea.

VARNEY: Do you think Hunter Biden will be brought up at the ABC town hall tonight with Joe Biden?

TRUMP: It’s going to be very interesting to see because I watched NBC the way they handled Biden the other day. It was disgraceful. Lester Holt, it was like a child. They were the questions for a child. It was a disgrace. And they got killed for it. And they should -- by the way, they should give me the same kind of questions.

It won’t happen but you know what, they’ll get badly mangled if they do anything else. But I felt, you know, they asked me to do it, it’s something I do, and it’s a different audience and that’s good for me to have a different audience.

Look, we produced the greatest stock market in history. We’re going to produce it again, OK? I mean, to think that we’re over 28,000 and we’re rounding the turn -- and we are rounding the turn on the pandemic, by the way.


TRUMP: But 28,000 plus, and you’re going to be at new highs very soon, in my opinion, and you’re going to have an unbelievable third quarter and an unbelievable next year, except if he gets in and raises everybody’s taxes by four times. They’re talking about quadrupling taxes. That will kill it.

And all these companies are going to leave. We took in tremendous numbers of companies came into the U.S. because our taxes were prohibitive. Just like New York, they’re prohibitive. Cuomo raised the taxes too much, people are leaving.

VARNEY: The counter argument, Mr. President --

TRUMP: Including me.

VARNEY: -- is that you can’t -- if Joe Biden wins, he can’t raise taxes unless he’s got a Democrat Senate and the argument is that --

TRUMP: Well, no, I’m assuming that if he wins, he -- that could happen. By the way, he could get a Senate.

VARNEY: Yes, he could. But if he wins --

TRUMP: He could get a Senate.

VARNEY: -- he might also start spending big time quickly as opposed to raising taxes later. And that would mean a real impetuous for the economy, real stimulus for the economy and so a lot of people --

TRUMP: But that’s not what he said.

VARNEY: -- on Wall Street think that might be OK.

TRUMP: Look, it doesn’t matter what he said. He also said he’ll -- there’s no more fracking and the day after he won the nomination, he goes to Pennsylvania, says I’ll frack. That’s another thing they never bring up. So, you got 20 tapes of him saying there will not be fracking. It’s called read my lips, right? They -- well that’s happened before.

There will not be fracking, right? And then he wins, and he says there’ll be fracking. He goes to Pennsylvania. The people of Pennsylvania are too smart. They don’t believe him. And he doesn’t -- he’s shot. He’s mentally shot. So, what happens is he’s not calling the shots.

VARNEY: There’s --

TRUMP: And --

VARNEY: There’s a lot of people, Mr. President, who don’t like it when you say that kind of thing. He’s mentally shot.

TRUMP: But I have to tell the truth. We can’t have a president who obviously isn’t very sharp. And you know, he never was -- in prime time, he never was. But we can’t have that because we have a country, and we’re trying to save our country.

And we have a radical left that has him totally under control. And we’re trying to save our country, so I can do it much nicer. I’m a smart guy. But I -- you got to make the point. And everybody knows it. And we can’t be in a position where we have that. We don’t have that luxury.

He goes to his basement, he’ll sit in his basement for two days, and he’ll come up and then he’ll say a couple of words and greet them all (ph). I mean, I’ve never seen anything because I’ve dealt with reporters a long time but they give him the questions and he reads the answer off a computer to a reporter who I always assumed was, you know, even if they’re not on my side, they were legit.

He’s getting questions, Stuart, and he’s reading them off the computer, the answers --


TRUMP: -- from a reporter. And you’ve seen it.

VARNEY: Do you expect to get a -- an election result --

TRUMP: Think of it (ph), most of the time. I’ve never seen anything like it.

VARNEY: Do you expect to get an election result on November the 3rd?

TRUMP: Well, it should be. We’ve won a lot of cases. A lot of the cases that we’ve won have been -- they have to give you the result.

VARNEY: It seems more like it to --


TRUMP: We had somewhere -- you had to put in your votes a week later, and then you get the results two weeks later. I said that’s -- that means you can never -- it’ll be weeks before you find out or after November 3rd. No. We’ve won a lot of cases where the -- that November 3rd is becoming a very important date.

VARNEY: OK. Under what circumstances would you concede the election?

TRUMP: All I want is a fair election.

VARNEY: So, it’s your judgment as to whether it’s fair or not as to whether you will concede?

TRUMP: Stuart, Stuart, they always talk about the friendly transition. They spied on my campaign and they got caught. They tried to overthrow the president of the United States, and they got caught.

And then they stand up so innocent and they say, will you do a fair transition? Well, they didn’t a fair transition. They spied on my campaign long before I won because they thought I was going to win.

VARNEY: Well, you’re implying -- you’ve implied that if you -- if you don’t think it’s fair, you won’t leave the White House, which means you won’t concede?

TRUMP: I’m not saying anything. I’m saying this. I think everybody says it. You have to have a fair election. Look at these ballots that are being messed around. Tens of thousands of ballots are already fraudulent. I want to see a fair election, that’s all I’m asking for is a fair election. And that’s it.

But you know when they talk about a friendly transition; they spied on my campaign and they tried to terminate with crooks and thieves. Like you take a look at a guy like Director Comey, he was a very dishonest person.

VARNEY: Well, if it wasn’t a fair --

TRUMP: All you have to do is read the Horowitz report about it.

VARNEY: -- if it wasn’t a fair election -- if it wasn’t a friendly transition --


TRUMP: He was a very dishonest person.


VARNEY: -- if it wasn’t a friendly transition when you walked into the White House, does that mean that you’re not going to allow a friendly transition if Joe Biden walks into the White House?

TRUMP: No, it doesn’t mean anything. Except it means that people broke the law. People spied on my campaign and they act so innocent like it never happened. Oh, gee, we didn’t do that. But then they did it and we have all the emails, we have so much evidence. But we have nice people, they want to have the election. Well, you know, let -- shouldn’t interfere with the election.

But nobody minded when they interfered with my election that I won. But nobody minded then. So it’s a very interesting period of time. I think we’re doing really well. We’re doing well in states that -- I’m not even sure if people know it. You know, I think we’re doing really very well.

VARNEY: Well, Mr. President, this --


TRUMP: And it’s going to be an interesting --


VARNEY: As you know, this is a --


TRUMP: -- 20 days.

VARNEY: This is a financial program, as you know, so may I wrap it up on a financial note?

TRUMP: Sure.

VARNEY: You came into this interview saying, yes, you’re prepared to go higher than $1.8 trillion.

TRUMP: Correct.

VARNEY: You don’t expect a phone call from Speaker Pelosi, but you would go higher. How much higher would you go?


TRUMP: Yes, I would and the Republicans --


VARNEY: How much higher would you go? How much higher would you go?


TRUMP: -- will, too. Because we like stimulus, we want stimulus and we think we should have stimulus because it was China’s fault. It was not the American workers’ fault or the American people.

VARNEY: So, why not just go with Speaker Pelosi’s $2.2 trillion deal?

TRUMP: Because she’s asking for all sorts of goodies. She wants to bail out badly run Democrat states and cities. She wants money for things that you would never -- you just couldn’t -- just your pride couldn’t let it happen.

VARNEY: So what would you spend --


TRUMP: It should be COVID related.


VARNEY: -- the extra money on? If you want to up your offer above $1.8 trillion, what would that extra money go to?

TRUMP: It would go to the worker. It would go to the people, directly to the people so they can live nicely, and their lives won’t be shattered because of China.

VARNEY: OK. Have you told Secretary Mnuchin to get out there and offer more than $1.8 trillion?

TRUMP: I’ve told him, so far he hasn’t come home with the bacon.

VARNEY: OK. Mr. President, I know you’ve got to get on Air Force One and go to Florida shortly.

TRUMP: I do.

VARNEY: So, we do appreciate you being with us, sir, always. And thank you very much for doing it. Thank you, sir.
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