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Cory Booker: "Far Be It From Me To Should All Over" Biden Over Court Packing Issue


Sen. Cory Booker declined to "speak for his party" on the issue of packing the Supreme Court, and when pressed by CNN's Chris Cuomo about why Joe Biden won't make a statement on the issue said it isn't his job to "should all over" his party's candidate.

"I'm open to winning. I'm focused on winning," he said.

CUOMO: Will you give me a yes/no on whether or not your Party, if you get control of the Senate, should consider packing the court?

BOOKER: I've learned a long time ago not to speak for my Party. And you and I both know, I think, that's alluring us into a false debate. We've got to win the Senate back. We've got to win the presidency.

We've got to win enough Senate seats because clearly there is going to be a divergence of opinion on it. So, I think we're so far away from that hypothetical and hypothetical and hypothetical, and it's exactly--

CUOMO: So, you don't have any personal opinion on it, Senator? Forget about the Party.

BOOKER: So, yes. I have a lot of personal opinion. I'm looking forward to a lot of vibrant debates about that and about D.C. Statehood, about--

CUOMO: Are you open to that discussion?

BOOKER: I'm open to winning. I'm focused on winning. I'm tired of my Party, Democrats, jumping to debates that are really moot right now. What everybody should be focused on is getting people out to vote and winning an election to try to undo the damage of--

CUOMO: I think it's hurting Biden. That's why I ask you, Senator.


CUOMO: I think it's hurting Biden. I think when he was asked "Would you consider it," Kamala Harris asked, "Well we don't want to talk about it. We don't want to --" why? Why not? Doesn't he need a better answer than that about what's going on here?

I mean, I could think of two or three answers that are better than that one, just off the top of my head is, I'm not going to answer it good enough if you want to get people's votes on - and that issue matters?

BOOKER: Well, your job is that.

My job as a Democratic Senator is, we're up for re-election, I'm focusing on what's important. And I'll tell you this. This, you do know, Chris. You shouldn't "should" all over the nominee of your Party.
He's doing a great job. He's campaigning incredibly hard, and he is earning people's trust. They trust him more than the guy who's in office right now. So, far be it for me to should all over him. I'm simply going to get out there and work for him, work to take back the Senate, work to send Mitch McConnell into the minority.

CUOMO: Did you just say you shouldn't should all over your candidate? Is that what you just said?


CUOMO: All right.

BOOKER: Yes, I did.

CUOMO: I wanted to make sure I had that because you're one of the - you're one of the cleanest guys I know. I want to make sure. On this show, you never really know that it could have gone a different way. So, thank you.
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