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Pence: "The American Economy, The American Comeback Is On The Ballot"


Vice President Mike Pence argues "the American comeback" is on its way at the vice presidential debate with the Democratic party's VP nominee Sen. Kamala Harris.

SUSAN PAGE, MODERATOR: Senator Harris. Vice President Pence, your administration has been predicting a rapid and robust recovery, but the latest economic report suggests that's not happening. Should Americans be braced for an economic comeback that is going to take not months, but a year or more? You have two minutes to answer until the uninterrupted.

VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE: When President Trump and I took office, America had gone through the slowest economic recovery since the Great Depression. It's when Joe Biden was president they tried to tax and spend and regulate and bail our way back to a growing economy. President Trump cut taxes across the board.

Despite what Senator Harris says, the average American family of four had $2,000 in savings and taxes and with the rise in wages that occurred, most predominantly for blue collar hard working Americans, the average household income for a family of four increased by $4,000 following President Trump's tax cuts. But America, you just heard Senator Harris tell you on day one, Joe Biden is going to raise your taxes. It's really remarkable to think, Susan.

SEN. KAMALA HARRIS: That's not what I said.

PENCE: I mean, right after a time where we were going through a pandemic that lost 22 million jobs at the height, we've already added back 11.6 million jobs because we had a president who cut taxes, rolled back regulations, unleashed American energy, fought for free and fair trade, and secured $4 trillion from the Congress of the United States to give direct payments to families, save 50 million jobs through the Paycheck Protection Program.

We literally have spared no expense to help the American people and the American worker through this. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris want to raise taxes, they wanted to bury our economy under a $2 trillion Green New Deal, which you were one of the original cosponsors of in the United States Senate. They want to abolish fossil fuels and ban fracking, which would cost hundreds of thousands of American jobs all across the heartland.

And Joe Biden wants to go back to the economic surrender to China that when we took office, half of our international trade deficit was with China alone. And Joe Biden wants to repeal all of the tariffs that President Trump put into effect to fight for American jobs and American workers. Joe Biden says, "Democracy is on the ballot." Make no mistake about it, Susan. The American economy, the American comeback is on the ballot. With four more years of growth and opportunity. Four more years of President Donald Trump. 2021's gonna be the biggest economic year in the history of this country.
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